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Nutella-Stuffed Chocolate Pandesal Recipe

It's the perfect snack!
This classic Filipino bread just got an upgrade with the addition of cocoa and hazelnut-flavored chocolate spread that will surely be a hit. ...

You Can Eat As Much Of This Chocolate Spread As You Want Without Feeling Guilty!

You can use this on bread, fruits, and with ice cream, too!
It’s always a great feeling when you can indulge in chocolate without feeling an ounce of guilt, and thankfully, vegan chocolate spread exists. If you’re looking for good-for-you chocolate spreads to add to your pantry, S&R Membership Shopping has a selection of vegan-friendly ...

Yes, We Can Finally Enjoy Choc-Nut As A Chocolate Spread!

Christmas just got sweeter.
Many, many years ago, someone thought it would be a good idea to put chocolate and peanuts together. Years later, another person took that idea and came up with Choc-Nut.Choc-Nut is a thumb-sized brick of crushed peanut, cocoa powder, and cane sugar; ...

Here's Everything You Can Do With Gardenia's New Choco Hazelnut Spread

Your choco-hazelnut addiction just became affordable.
Who doesn’t love melted chocolate? We bet you're one of those people who dunks a spoon right into the jar. Thank heavens for whoever thought to make chocolate into a spread.But chocolate spreads can be expensive. We, however, found a new chocolate spread that's affordable ...

Yes, Maltesers Spread Exists and Here's Where You Can Get It

New snack alert!
Fruit jams and peanut butter are no-fail classics, but when you really want to treat your sweet tooth, you go for chocolate spreads. The best ones are those that are based off your favorite candy, like Maltesers Teasers Spread, which you can now ...

Grocery Find: A Sandwich Spread for Chocoholics

Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Spread is smooth and silky.
This week’s grocery find is for all the chocolate-obsessed food lovers out there: it’s smooth, silky, chocolate-y, and downright delicious! Meet Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Spread—a simple, straightforward jar of milk chocolate that melts and spreads onto warm slices of toast effortlessly. We ...
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