Congrats to our Chocolate Kiss Promo Winners!

Are you one of four lucky winners who will get to enjoy a delicious meal at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe?

Shortcut to Making White Chocolate Rice Pudding

Making white chocolate pudding is simple! Here's how.

Great Gift Idea: Chocolates

The search for the perfect gift ends here.

Chocolate Love Month:10 Recipes

Eat your way through chocolate month and celebrate in 10 sexy ways.

Be Your Own Chocolatier

We turn to Belgian chocolatier, Benoit Nicolay, for a guide to making truffles, bars, and more.

D-I-Y Your Own Chocolate Ice Cream At Home

Make cool scoops anytime of the year at home—no pricey machine required!

Raul Matias

The man behind Machiavelli Chocolatier talks about the art and business of making fine chocolates.

How to Make Almond Bark

Sweet, nutty, and crunchy - you'll surely go loco over this one!

10 Ways with Milk Chocolate

Celebrate milk chocolate day with any of these 10 ideas.

How to Make a Chocolate Cage

Whip up fine dining desserts in a flash without exerting any of the professional effort.

10 Chocolate Cupcake Recipes

What better way to celebrate Chocolate Cupcake Day than by baking a batch, right? Here are 8 recipes.

Valor Chocolates' Offers Sugar-Free Chocolates and more!

Making chocolate since 1881, this Spanish brand offers chocolates that are: sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free.

8 No-Bake Desserts You Will Love

We have easy peasy treats for the sweet-toothed!

Comfort Food: 6 Dishes to Whip Up

Soups, mac and cheese, and the Pinoy sinigang—we have recipes for your cravings!

6 Chocolate Party Treats to Indulge In

Halloween is a great excuse to treat yourself to candy and chocolate.

What Your V-Day Dessert Says About You

Which one are you making this weekend?
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