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How To Clean A Chopping Board To Make It Look New

Stained cutting board? Here’s how to clean it like brand new.
Does your chopping board have a stain? If it does, you have probably tried to remove it using a number of ways, including scrubbing it with salt and dishwashing soap foam to lift the stain from the board. If that didn't work, we found a genius chopping board cleaning ...

Why You Need A Small Chopping Board

This will be the one you reach for more frequently.
Not every use of the chopping board will be for butchering meat. Nor will every prepping job require you to use that big chef's knife or even the cleaver to cut the food up into smaller pieces. In fact, more often than not, ...

You Can Get These Golden Knives For Less Than P100 Each!

You don't need to spend a fortune.
How happy are you with your recent cute dinnerware and baking equipment purchases? Why not spruce up your kitchen tools next! If you’re gunning for a chic, all-gold aesthetic for your kitchen, you should add these affordable golden knives from Japan Home Centre!These golden knives ...

These Kitchen Tools Don't Need To Be Expensive

These everyday kitchen tools are almost disposable.
Every kitchen needs proper equipment. You should have the basic tools to help you cook. These range from the cookware or pots and pans you will use to cook your food to the kitchen gadgets that will you use to prep and stir the ...

This Is How Big Your Chopping Board Should Be

You should be able to slice and dice with ease.
The kitchen is one of those places where you will be spending lots of time in. Everyone has to eat after all! If you're lucky, there is food already prepared and ready to eat. All you have to do is probably heat it up, ...

This Prep Tip Can Save You From Getting Sick

Avoid contacting any food-borne illnesses when you cook.
The kitchen can be a dangerous place. You have razor-sharp knives, pointed utensils, and super hot pots and pans lying about. If you're not careful, the kitchen can be a place where you can get hurt.  Luckily, you can be safe in the kitchen if you know to ...

How To Choose The Right Chopping Board

Get the one that's right for your purpose.
When you're in the market to replace your chopping board, you will see that there are a number of different ones. From glass to fiberboard to wood, it can be exciting as well as confusing to choose the right one for you. If ...

These Are The Kitchen Items You Need To Replace Every Year

See which kitchen items you should toss out, stat!
It may be hard to let go, but it’s a new year (Hello, new kitchen items!). You don't need to fret: not everything in the kitchen needs to be replaced. Take a look through your cooking space and check if you have any of ...
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