Taste-Travel to Boracay with This Chori Burger Recipe

Here’s an easy chori burger recipe that you can make at home!
Summer isn't complete without a beach trip and beachside eats such as the Boracay-famous chori burger. But did you know that it's easy enough to make at home? Here's a tip: mix your pork with different kinds of seasonings, then add all-time ...

Chori Burger with Caramelized Onions Recipe

Upgrade the classic chori burger with sweet caramelized onions!
Who doesn't love a tasty, meaty chori burger? Upgrade the classic chori burger with one simple addition: caramelized onions! Here's an easy homemade chorizo recipe to start with. All you have to do is shape into patties for a burger!  ...

Chori Sliders Recipe

These chori burgers will remind you of summers at the beach!
Here’s a new take on the famous chorizo burgers being sold along the side streets of Boracay. We added paprika mayonnaise and a colorful slaw to the sandwich for extra flavor. ...

Yes, You Can Make This Boracay-Famous Burger At Home

Have you tried this?
Boracay is known for its fantastic beach: it's got a soft powdery white sand seashore meeting the blue-green sea on any given clear summer day. It's also fast becoming a place to enjoy good food. Boracay, after all, is an island in the middle ...
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