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Chori Sliders Recipe

These chori burgers will remind you of summers at the beach!
Here’s a new take on the famous chorizo burgers being sold along the side streets of Boracay. We added paprika mayonnaise and a colorful slaw to the sandwich for extra flavor. ...

Chori Burger with Caramelized Onions Recipe

Upgrade the classic chori burger with sweet caramelized onions!
Who doesn't love a tasty, meaty chori burger? Upgrade the classic chori burger with one simple addition: caramelized onions! Here's an easy homemade chorizo recipe to start with. All you have to do is shape into patties for a burger!  ...

Taste-Travel to Boracay with This Chori Burger Recipe

Here’s an easy chori burger recipe that you can make at home!
Summer isn't complete without a beach trip and beachside eats such as the Boracay-famous chori burger. But did you know that it's easy enough to make at home? Here's a tip: mix your pork with different kinds of seasonings, then add all-time ...

Chori Burger Recipe

This recipe has a hearty sweet-savory-tangy chorizo burger.
The chori burger is a grilled chorizo snack made popular by idyllic vacations on the island of Boracay.  You can enjoy the tasty skewered meat as is, or stuffed between pillowy burger buns and smothered with the bright red barbecue sauce to ...
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