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Chorizo Meatball Pasta Recipe

Making these chorizo meatballs will save you lots of time in the kitchen.
These meatballs make for a great home-cooked meal, but instead of prepping a minced meat mixture from scratch, use ground meat that’s already seasoned: chorizo! Instead of the cured kind, buy fresh chorizo—it’s the kind that needs to be cooked before eating, ...

Spicy Chorizo Gambas Recipe

This simple seafood dish is packed with flavor.
This gambas dish is simple and very easy to whip up. It hardly takes any time at all, but because of the chorizo, it packs a lot of flavor.  ...

Chori Burger with Caramelized Onions Recipe

Upgrade the classic chori burger with sweet caramelized onions!
Who doesn't love a tasty, meaty chori burger? Upgrade the classic chori burger with one simple addition: caramelized onions! Here's an easy homemade chorizo recipe to start with. All you have to do is shape into patties for a burger!  ...

Chorizo-Stuffed Rice Balls Recipe

These rice balls are stuffed with tasty chorizo!
Here's a quick tip for making these chorizo-stuffed rice balls at home: wet your hands in between forming the balls to ensure the sticky rice sticks together.  ...

Easy Spanish Chorizo Recipe

It only takes a few minutes to make tasty Spanish sausage at home.
It only takes a few minutes to make tasty Spanish sausage at home. This one’s loaded with bold, smoky flavors and is preservative- free, too! Remember to allow the pork to marinate for at least an hour or, better yet, overnight before ...
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