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WATCH: This Is The Easy Bibingka Recipe You've Been Searching For

No overnight prep work, no complicated gadgets, just an easy bibingka you can have whenever the craving hits.
Bibingka doesn't get easier than this! This kakanin recipe uses the simple mix-and-dump method so there's no need to do any soaking, no need to use a high-powered kitchen gadget, nor do you need any other special ingredient to make this classic bibingka taste ...

WATCH: How to Make Bibingka

This classic Filipino bibingka recipe only needs a few pantry staples to recreate at home.
Bibingka is a Filipino rice cake, traditionally cooked in clay over banana leaves, that is especially popular during the Christmas season. This version is baked in the oven so that bibingka can easily be recreated at home. Pinoys love to spread lots ...
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