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All The Classic Desserts To Make For Christmas

End your Christmas meal with these easy desserts.
A good feast is successful only if you have all the elements that make it a great meal. That means you need dessert, even one that is easy to make.  These classic desserts are the easy holiday food recipes you can make for your Christmas table:You will find ...

This Christmas Cake Will Add Holiday Cheer To Your Handaan

It will look so good on your table!
Have you started thinking about your Noche Buena and Christmas day spread? There are a lot of great desserts to choose from and this festive Christmas cake from The Beehive Pastries is one of them!The Christmas-shaped cake (P2,250) has alternating layers of ...

Craving Puto Bumbong? Check Out These Puto Bumbong Cupcakes!

'Tis the season for puto bumbong!
It's almost autmatic to crave puto bumbong as Christmas approaches. It's a classic rice cake traditionally served during this time of the year, after all. Along with the puto bumbong cravings are versions of puto bumbong-inspired desserts, just like these Puto Bumbong Cupcakes from Lia's ...

This IG Shop Sells Gorgeous Cathedral Windows Dessert For Less Than P500

You can gift this to your friends and family this Christmas season.
Cathedral Windows is one of the more popular Filipino desserts that's always served during the holidays. It's made with cubed gelatin in different colors embedded in a creamy panna cotta. If you want to plan ahead for this year's festivities and don't want to make ...

Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Loaf Recipe

You'll celebrate the season better with this Christmas loaf cake recipe.
You'll love Christmas even more when you have a dessert this decadent! This Christmas cake is made with white chocolate, walnuts, dried strawberries, and drizzled with salted caramel. While you can serve this at the Christmas Eve buffet table, your friends will love it if ...

This Cheesecake Has Four Types Of Cheese, Crackers, And Truffle Honey

Go extra this holiday season!
The holidays are the best time to splurge on food. If you’re looking for a dessert that can also be a showstopping centerpiece, The Flour Girl’s gorgeous Four-Cheese Cheesecake is the way to go! Yes, it’s a FOUR-CHEESE Cheesecake because there’s no ...

These Are The Flavored Leche Flans You Should Cook To Make Your Noche Buena Desserts More Interesting

Upgrade your leche flan game with one of these delicious variants.
Leche flans may just be the favorite dessert of the Pinoy. It's a luscious dessert that's incredibly creamy, is doused in a liquidy caramel syrup that has an undercurrent of bitterness to balance the sweet, and has just the right amount of ...

WATCH: How To Make Yogurt Fruit Salad

You'll love the tang the yogurt gives to an otherwise ordinary fruit salad.
 Ditch the cream for yogurt in this wholesome take on the usual Pinoy fruit salad. The yogurt lends the creaminess you expect from your fruit salad while the honey gives it that familiar sweet flavor.Either way, it's a delicious yet still satisfying version that ...

WATCH: How To Make A Queso De Bola Cheesecake

Serve this indulgent cake this Christmas!
If you love the salty umami taste of queso de bola, then this cheesecake has everything you want it to be and more. It's all at once creamy, cheesy, sweet, salty, and even has nutty flavors. Takes 60 minutes plus cooling and chillingMakes 1 8-inch cake1/4 ...
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