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Make The Best Noche Buena Feast With These Recipes

Your noche buena should be full of classic Christmas food!
A classic Noche Buena menu is a table full of Christmas food. It usually contains dishes that are family secret recipes, new dishes that add something new to the table, and food gifts from guests who wish to contribute to the spread.      If you are ...

Meal Plan: Simple Noche Buena Menu For 4 For Under P1,200

You can have a simple but complete holiday dinner at home.
You can plan a simple Noche Buena menu at home! One important thing to remember is to plan your meal as early as now so you don't have to worry about the menu at the last minute. With this meal plan for Christmas ...

Noche Buena Ideas: Here's A Gameplan For A Stress-Free Christmas

It can be an enjoyable time of the year.
The most festive time of the year is just around the corner and if you're decided on a noche buena menu, you're already miles ahead of many people. Not everyone is organized enough to plan ahead but we can give you a few things to think ...

How To Save Money On Your Christmas Handaan This Year

Use these tips to make your Noche Buena delicious but budget-friendly.
The ideal way to save money for your Christmas handaan is to do it all yourself. From the appetizers through the main course all the way to dessert, buying ingredients is more affordable option. However, the reality is that not everyone has the luxury or the ...

Christmas Hamoncito Recipe

This is a family recipe and the hamoncito used to be sold in Divisoria!
This ham recipe only uses five ingredients!  With such few components, what could possibly make this recipe so special? The secret is time! Salting your meat beforehand, marinating for more than one night, and the long syrup-reduction process ensures that the meat is tender ...

This Burnt Cheesecake Can Be Part of Your Noche Buena Spread

It's a delicious cross between classic cheesecake and egg custard!
Who doesn’t love a good cheesecake? It's cheesy and decadent in all the right ways. The love for cheesecake has spawned a variety of different ways to have it: the light and airy Japanese cheesecake, the rich Chicago cheesecake, the equally decadent ...

These Are The Cooking Tips You Need To Know To Put Together A Flavorful Christmas Dinner Menu

Here is how to put a menu together that will wow family and guests at your Noche Buena.
The first logical step to a fantastic and unforgettable Christmas dinner feast is the menu. Only when you know what you want will you know what you can actually make and prepare for it accordingly. You may have to hunt down ingredients ...

We Made Noche Buena Menus That Start at P2,500 + A Shopping List!

These menus guarantee a feast without going over your budget.
There’s a perfect Noche Buena for everyone, no matter what you’re craving or how much your budget. We’ve put together three delicious options for you to choose from and each has our tried and tested recipes, plus a detailed grocery list you can ...

All The Easy Christmas Recipes That Every Home Cook Can Learn and Master Now

These Christmas recipes are easy. Trust us!
Cooking Christmas dinners can be daunting—imagine all the relatives you need to feed! But here’s the thing: holiday dinners don’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. You can throw together a few simple dishes (some can even be prepped days ahead).Here are ...

Noche Buena on a Budget: This Holiday Feast Won't Cost More Than P1,500!

Shopping for and cooking Noche Buena doesn’t need to be expensive.
Christmas is almost here and it’s definitely time to start thinking about what you will serve this Christmas, and—of course—stay within a reasonable budget!This meal plan uses simple ingredients and simple recipes that, when put together, can truly create a special dinner ...

Tips to Help You Have the Best Holiday Party

We all need a little help, especially during Christmas season.
We all love a good holiday feast. We love getting together with friends and family to celebrate the food, joy and love that the season brings. What we don’t really love, though, is the stress that hosting a festive holiday feast can ...

9 Special Pantry Staples for the Holidays

The holidays call for pantry items that are a bit more special.
We all love a little bit of holiday cheer, come this time of year. People start bringing out the parols, and begin becoming just a wee bit merrier. Since the season of joy is just around the corner, why not indulge a ...
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