WATCH: These Glazes Will Make Your Christmas Ham Extra Delicious

Make the most flavorful ham this Christmas!
Christmas is not complete without ham! These three easy ham glaze recipes are what you need to make the most flavorful baked ham you could ever make. Pick your favorite according to what you want your ham to taste like: classic and tangy, ...

WATCH: You Can Make This Easy Recipe For Paella Negra For Noche Buena

The hardest part of this dish? Waiting for it to cook.
Paella is really just a fancy term for a rice dish made for a crowd. It's a celebratory dish, and this easy recipe for a Paella Negra is one you can certainly serve for a special occasion such as Noche Buena. The ingredients are ...

Bibingka Galapong Recipe

Have you tried this kind of bibingka yet?
Bibingka is a Filipino rice cake that's usually enjoyed during the Christmas holiday season.Traditionally made with rice flour, coconut milk, and eggs, the bibingka batter is charcoal-baked in banana leaves which gives it a fabulous flavor. It's best served warm, with melted butter on ...
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