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Other Easy Ways to Serve Leftover Christmas Ham

Use Christmas ham for any of these delicious recipes.
Christmas ham is a classic Noche Buena food. You may not find a whole ham on the table every year, but there is always a ham dish for dinner to mark Christmas Eve. If there is more food than you can reasonably eat at Christmas dinner, it's common to ...

Delicious Ways To Prepare Your Christmas Ham

You can prepare it in other ways.
A Christmas ham is traditional Filipino Noche Buena food. It's a cut of pork that's been seasoned, sometimes smoked, and then cured for months. The most common kind is already precooked and basically just needs to be reheated in time for the Christmas Eve table. This holiday ham ...

We Know Where You Can Buy Noche Buena-Worthy Ham For As Low As P495

They also offer Chinese rolled ham and country ham!
With Christmas just a few weeks away, it certainly is better to have secured your Christmas ham for Noche Buena as early as now so you can avoid all the Christmas rush and the possibility of a ham supply shortage. If you're looking for ...

Got Ham? We Have Recipe Ideas To Make It Appetizing Again

Leftover ham can be delicious!
Whether you have leftover ham or not, there is a reason to be extra creative during the holidays. No Christmas dinner is short on food so if you have leftovers, make great use of it the next few days. Here are a few ways we think ...

My Lola's Hamoncito Was a Christmas Best Seller in Divisoria

My half-Chinese Lola came up with her bestselling "authentic" ham in just two days.
“Marunong ka ba gumawa ng hamoncito?” one of my Lola’s loyal customers, a suki, had asked one day. (Do you know how to cook Christmas ham?) It was in the '70s when my Lola was selling pork at Tabora Divisoria Wet Market. ...

Christmas Hamoncito Recipe

This is a family recipe and the hamoncito used to be sold in Divisoria!
This ham recipe only uses five ingredients!  With such few components, what could possibly make this recipe so special? The secret is time! Salting your meat beforehand, marinating for more than one night, and the long syrup-reduction process ensures that the meat is tender ...

7 Recipes for Your Holiday Ham

Your holiday ham is good for more than just Noche Buena.
Noche Buena is not complete without ubiquitous holiday ham! That also means though, that freezers are going to be full with leftover ham. Here are some ideas, recipes and quick swaps you can make to enjoy what's left of this holiday favorite: What defines ...

WATCH: These Glazes Will Make Your Christmas Ham Extra Delicious

Make the most flavorful ham this Christmas!
Christmas is not complete without ham! These three easy ham glaze recipes are what you need to make the most flavorful baked ham you could ever make. Pick your favorite according to what you want your ham to taste like: classic and tangy, ...

Piña Ham with Mango Chutney Recipe

For a medley of flavors, pair boneless smoked ham with a sweet chutney.
For a medley of flavors, pair boneless smoked ham with a sweet chutney. Make an outstanding platter by serving it with grapes, walnuts, aged cheeses, crackers, and freshly baked bread. ...

4 Holiday Food Traditions in the Philippines

What’s Christmas without a few traditions?
A good Filipino Christmas is always rooted in tradition. As soon as the air begins to hum with that unique kind of cheer and excitement, we bring out our parols and belens, and deck our homes with flickering lights.In celebration of the ...

5 Steps to the Perfect Holiday Ham

A Pinoy Christmas is not complete without ham! We have a few tips if you're making it at home.
.A holiday spread almost always includes ham—whether you serve the sweet, baked, or smoked kind. Ham always makes a buffet table more festive and there aren't as many dishes which evoke as much emotion or a wave of nostalgia whenever you see ...

Ham with Sweet Mustard Sauce Recipe

A classic cured and smoked Christmas ham served with a sweet yet tangy mustard sauce.
Holidays in the Philippines aren't complete without ham as part of the spread. This recipes combines a classic cured and smoked Christmas ham served with a sweet yet tangy mustard sauce. ...
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