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This New Resto In Alabang Offers Mouthwatering Paella + Crabs At An Affordable Price

You'll drool over everything.
Chef Robby Goco (of Cyma and Green Pastures fame) did it again. His latest venture with Manny Torrejon and Raymund Magdaluyo is a Spanish restaurant called, Cangrejos Locos, located in Molito, Alabang. It’s a casual Spanish restaurant that has a straightforward approach when it comes to their ...

Oreo Fans, These New Churros Are Made For You!

There's even an Oreo churro that's filled with Nutella!
There are hundreds of eating adventures and new combinations to try every day, but sometimes, the simplest pairings are the best: Churreria La Lola’s new Choco Churro Delights (made with Oreo cookies, because why not) seem to exemplify this well.You can get ...

Learn, Wine, And Dine At This Spanish Cooking Class

This is organized by the Center for Culinary Arts.
Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) will offer a dine-and-wine class for cooking enthusiasts to learn the rich, traditional Spanish cuisine from Chef Juan Carlos ‘JC’ de Terry, the founder of Terry’s Bistro and is known to be the “King of Spanish cuisine”. This “Wine ...

Chocolate Churros with Spicy Chocolate Dip Recipe

Sugar-coated chocolate sticks dunked in more chocolate. Yes, please!
Love churros? This is a version you should try. These crispy pastry sticks are still coated in a sugar-cinnamon mix but not only is the dip made with chocolate, so is the actual churros. You're dipping a chocolate pastry in even more ...

The New La Lola Café Offers More Than Just Churros!

Make sure to drop by!
One of the first names you think of when you crave churros is probably Churreria La Lola. They've made a name for themselves for great churros at pretty wallet-friendly prices, and they even just opened a branch in Singapore. But, they're not ...

Churros with Caramel Dip Recipe

Deep-fry these churros until they are golden brown.
Churros are surprisingly easy to make! Remember to use a closed tip or a rounded off tip when you pipe into hot oil. This way, your churros will not burst open. Deep-fry until golden brown and serve with a caramel dip instead ...

These Churro Desserts Are Worth All the Calories

We can’t get enough of these churro desserts!
Churros—the deep-fried pastry that is often dipped into dark chocolate or rolled into cinnamon and sugar—is a dessert that we can’t get enough of. Nothing tastes as good as hot, crunchy-on-the-outside churros dipped into earthy, rich dark chocolate, right?1 Churros con Chocolate It’s ...

Churro Waffles Recipe

This waffle and churro hybrid makes for a dreamy dessert!
Try your hand at making waffles using batter traditionally made for churros. It's a marriage made in dessert heaven! ...

WATCH: No-Bake Desserts for People Who Are Scared of Ovens

No-bake desserts are easy! Watch these recipe videos to learn how to make them at home.
You can make indulgent chocolate cakes and cheesecakes, crunchy churros, panna cotta, and freezer cakes without going near a hot oven! These video tutorials on dessert recipes will walk you through every part of the process in making these desserts, and they ...

WATCH: How to Make Churros

You can make churros at home!
Churros, the classic Spanish deep-fried dough with a chocolate dipping sauce, is a popular hearty snack you can make at home! For the chocolate:1/2 cup heavy cream1/4 cup fresh milk3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, choppedpinch of salt oil for deep-frying, plus 2 tablespoons, divided1 cup ...

The Churros Trends You Should Be Trying Out

The churros obsession has officially taken over Manila!
We've been spying so many different twists to the churros—the classic Spanish deep-fried dough with dark chocolate dipping sauce—in Manila. Who knew churros could be better than they already are? Keep an eye out for these trends the next time that craving ...

How to Make Churros

This comes with a chocolate dip recipe, too. Perfect combo!
.Click on the slideshow to learn how to make this well-loved snack. To see the full recipe, go here: Churros con ChocolatePhotography by David Hanson ? Prop Styling by Elaine P. Lim ? Recipe and Demonstration by Jackie Ang-Po of Fleur de ...
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