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This Filipina Baker's Quarantine Dishes Look Like It Came From A Restaurant

If only we can have these dishes every day, too.
With the global pandemic prohibiting us from going outside, we are suddenly forced to make time to prepare more homecooked dishes, stretch ingredients and pantry staples, and level up quarantine-friendly products, like canned goods. Bea Atienza, on the other hand, is spending her ...

The New Cinnabon Flavor Is Topped With Crushed Biscoff Cookies!

Raise your hand if you love Biscoff!
If you're a dessert fan who goes for anything with Biscoff in it, then do we have good news for you! Cinnabon has brought back their Biscoff Bon and made it better: it's now called the Cinnabon Biscoff Milky Bon.Cinnabon's new Biscoff Milky ...

OMG, The New Cinnabon Flavor Is Topped with KitKat!

It's available for a limited time only.
One can always rely on Cinnabon for freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Just the scent of these  cinnamon rolls is enough to make us crave for a roll. Their classic roll is made with a smooth, tender dough that's filled with Makara cinnamon, and then ...

Cinnabon's Chocobon Just Got Bigger!

We can just smell the cinnamon rolls through our screen.
Whoever said “the bigger, the better” was right. A bigger scoop of ice cream? A bigger cookie? A bigger slice of cake? All of these become a better version of itself as it gets bigger. Hey, we’re not even going to argue ...

This Soft-Baked Cookie Tastes Just Like Cinnamon Rolls

These cookies are dotted with cream cheese chips.
Have you ever purposely avoided to pass by a bakeshop because the scent that surrounds their shop make you hungry? We can totally relate. Something about the aroma of freshly-baked pastries, especially ones that are sweet and cinnamon-y like Cinnabon's, is basically ...

Get Your Sugar Fix Today From These Dulce de Leche Cinnamon Rolls

Caramel flavors + cream cheese frosting!
How do you make soft, buttery cinnamon rolls, with their perfect mix of sweet flavors and spices, better? Cinnabon's new confections are filled with dulce de leche filling, topped with Cinnabon’s signature cream cheese frosting and drizzled with more milky caramel flavors. ...
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