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How To Safely Prepare Seafood For Christmas

You need to always do two things when you plan to make seafood dishes.
It always feels like a luxury when you're eating seafood. While fish is the most common kind of seafood you eat, shellfish such as tahong (mussels), halaan (clams), and talaba (oysters) and crustaceans such as hipon (shrimps) and alimango (crabs) are not always on your average ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make A Creamy Halaan at Tahong Recipe

Upgrade your classic clam and mussel recipe to this creamy version.
There's nothing wrong with the classic way of cooking your clams and mussels. The tinolang tahong recipe is a favorite dish for a reason! That doesn't mean that you can't improve upon this recipe. What's so great about a simple recipe such as this 5-ingredient tinolang tahong recipe ...

WATCH: This Clam Chowder Is The Most Comforting Dish You Can Have This Week

This clam chowder recipe is loaded with meat and potato chunks, and made richer with a touch of cream.
Soup is always a good idea on rainy days. If you love hearty soups that will not only satisfy your hunger but also your taste buds, check out this loaded clam chowder recipe. Not all clam chowder recipes are the same, and ...

Clams and Prawns with Tausi Recipe

Here’s a light and healthy seafood dish that packs a lot of flavor!
Here’s a light and healthy seafood dish that packs a lot of flavor! It’s quite similar to Chinese spareribs or fish in tausi but uses clams and prawns instead. ...

WATCH: How to Make Seafood Pasta

Pasta vongole is a quick seafood dish you can easily make at home!
Pasta vongole is an easy-to-make Italian classic! Simply cook spaghetti noodles with clams and white wine and you've got a quick and delightful oil-based pasta dish.1 tablespoon olive oil2 tablespoons butter2 tablespoons garlic, chopped2 tablespoons onion, chopped1/4 cup white wine1-kilo clams, cleaned ...

Green Curry Clams Recipe

Love seafood? Mix you clams with the bold flavors of a Thai curry sauce!
The subtle flavor of clams gets a boost from the bold Thai-inspired curry sauce. Go ahead and try this seafood curry recipe: Mix in other vegetables like carrots, sitaw, and sigarillas. ...

Paul Qui's Parrotfish with Longganisa and Clam Jus Recipe

Pinoy Top Chef winner serves up a top quality dish using local produce.
Paul has always been proud of his roots—and it shows in his cooking. In one elimination challenge on Top Chef, he prepared adobo using quail then served it with ginger rice and green mango salsa. Here, he comes up with a knockout ...

Pasta with Creamy Clam Sauce and Mushroom Trio

Tasty clams and a variety of mushrooms with cream cheese melted in a creamy sauce.
This is one hefty bowl of seafood pasta dish: Tasty clams and a variety of aromatic, flavorful mushrooms smothered with cream cheese melted in a creamy sauce. Make your own version and serve it with your family for a special dinner treat. ...

Pasta Vongole

An olive-oil based pasta recipe with clams and white wine.
An olive-oil based pasta with clams and white wine. For capellini, see Clam Capellini Pasta. For a quick pasta dish, try to serve this elegant pasta vongole in two easy steps! ...


The must-visit deli in town!
What sets Dinelli apart from other delis is their dine-in restaurant section. The weekly specials menu contains a variety of unique dishes. I spotted gourmet creations, such as the Rainbow Trout with Blackberry Sauce and Mushroom Risotto (P450), Cedar Roasted Salmon (P460), ...
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