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Easy Fruit Salad Recipe

This 3-ingredient recipe is all you need.
When you want a fruit salad, this is the easiest fruit salad recipe to make. All it takes is a few minutes to put these together and three easy-to-find ingredients: fruit cocktail, all-purpose cream, and sweetened condensed milk. What's fantastic about this recipe ...

How To Make Sans Rival Super Delicious

Let these tips make your sans rival cake a success.
The Sans Rival cake is a luscious, nutty, and unrivaled cake made of layers of cashews-loaded meringue covered in a rich buttercream. Learn how to make the recipe with these tips: Did you know that the classic sans rival cake uses the whole egg? It ...

Ube Leche Puto Recipe

Ube puto + leche flan = new obsession!
This steamed rice cake dessert is a combination of ube puto and leche flan. Also known as a leche puto, this addictive kakanin is a vibrant and appetizing twist on your usual dessert. If you love either of these two classic Filipino desserts, you'll ...

Places That Deliver Kakanin in Metro Manila

Here's where you can order puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, biko, and more!
Whether it's a bag of steamed puto, a sticky tray of biko, or a bilao of sapin-sapin, kakanin is deeply embedded in the culture and taste buds of every Filipino. However, with the restrictions brought about by the community quarantine still in place, ...

Here's A Super Quick Fix To Your Buko Pandan Craving

Best served chilled, of course!
While buko pandan is very easy to make at home, sometimes you just need a single cup to satisfy a persistent craving. If you need a quick fix to your buko pandan needs, just head straight to the closest 7-Eleven store near ...

Classic Filipino Desserts That Sum Up Your Childhood

Cathedral windows, mamon, chiffon cake, and more!
These Pinoy sweets are favorites for a reason! Do you remember your parents or grandparents making these homemade treats for you when you were a kid? Merienda wouldn't be complete without these treats. Use these recipes to recreate them in your own ...

Ginataang Halo-Halo Recipe

Try this updated version of ginataan and bite into the chewy rice balls to discover a sweet surprise.
This is one of the creamiest, great tasting, easy no-bake desserts you can make on the stove! It's a coconut milk and sticky rice dessert that you can slurp! Ginataang halo-halo is a rich and creamy dessert dish that is typically served during ...

Pichi-Pichi Recipe

Whether as a snack or dessert, pichi-pichi is always a pleasure to eat!
Whether as a snack or dessert, pichi-pichi is always a pleasure to eat!Pichi-pichi is one of the well-known Filipino desserts and is made of coconut and grated cassava or kamoteng kahoy in Tagalog. It is gelatinous in appearance and sticky to the ...
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