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Easy No-Bake Pastillas Recipe

Choose between four different flavors!
Pastillas de leche, or simply pastillas, are a beloved Filipino milk-based candy. These sweet, creamy confections originate from San Miguel, Bulacan, where carabao-rearing farmers used to make pastillas de leche at home with carabao milk. They have since become a local specialty, ...

Low-Carb Ube Bars Recipe

It's a healthy and gluten free recipe that you should try!
Let me take you back to my childhood days. The classic ube bar is one of the favorite Filipino bread that you can buy in a family-owned local bakery. The ube cake is coated with desiccated coconut to make it more enticing ...

Homemade Ube Champorado Recipe

So sweet!
Upgrade your classic chocolate champorado and switch up the flavors with this ube champorado recipe.  ...

Filipino Egg Pie Recipe

No need to buy at the store because it's so easy to make at home!
Egg pie is one of the many Filipino sweet desserts that everybody loves. It's a creamy custard filling that is baked in a buttery crust that you will surely crave! Egg pie is also a favorite dessert of many Filipinos that brings ...

WATCH: How To Make Ube Halaya

The best ube halaya is the one you make at home.
It's sometimes hard to find ube halaya so when fresh ube is available, make your own. The best ube to use for is from Batangas because you can immediately see the deep purple color underneath the thin skin of the tuber. Peel it as thinly as possible ...

Classic Filipino Desserts That Sum Up Your Childhood

Cathedral windows, mamon, chiffon cake, and more!
These Pinoy sweets are favorites for a reason! Do you remember your parents or grandparents making these homemade treats for you when you were a kid? Merienda wouldn't be complete without these treats. Use these recipes to recreate them in your own ...
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