You Need To Know These Salad-Cleaning Tricks

Concerned about bacteria and pesticide residue on your fruits and veggies?
Eat more vegetables! That’s always good advice when it comes to our health. However, eating more vegetables can sometimes also make us sick if we don’t know how to clean our veggies right. Here are the important things you need to know: Know the ...

This Is the Best (And Easiest!) Way To Clean Your Whisk

You can clean it (fast!) in one easy step.
Cleaning up after a baking project may just be the hardest thing to do. All those dirty bowls, kitchen gadgets, and measuring cups and spoons pile up while you’re busy baking a batch of your classic chocolate cake recipe for a friend’s birthday ...

The Golden Rule for Keeping Your Refrigerator Squeaky Clean

Your refrigerator is among your most important kitchen essentials!
We’ve all gone through it: digging through the contents of the kitchen refrigerator and pulling out something that’s gone completely bad—an old carton of milk, smelly leftovers, or cake slices that have turned rock hard. During long weekends or busy holidays, it ...

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Lemon + Salt in Your Kitchen

They’re so much more than just pantry staples!
Lemon and salt add zest and flavor to your dishes (plus lemon water is pretty awesome, too!), but did you know that these pantry staples can be used to keep your kitchen sparkly clean?1. They keep your chopping boards odor-free! Garlic, onions, ...
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