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This Is How To Declutter Your Kitchen Shelves

You should be able to find the tools you need easily.
Take a good look at your kitchen. If you ever find yourself scrounging around for tools, gadgets, and even an appliance frequently, you may have an unorganized kitchen. It's unorganized because you do not have your kitchen stocked in a way that is productive and ...

How To Clean Your Kitchen For The New Year

The kitchen needs a thorough cleaning, too.
The kitchen may be one of the most used rooms in any home. That's because everyone needs to eat and one way or another, you'll find someone in the kitchen dirtying a plate, a pan, and maybe even the oven, too, to make themselves ...

Avoid This When Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Prevent streaks and rust and have it looking like new again!
The refrigerator door, especially its handle, is probably the most commonly used appliance in your kitchen. It should be one of the most commonly cleaned things in your kitchen. You should be cleaning not just the handle itself but the entire length ...

Here's How You Can Clean That Stained Pot Better

This 2-ingredient cleaning solution should get it right out!
Burnt-on stains on your cookware are not just ugly. It can impart its charred flavor into the next batch of food you cook! It can happen to anyone but cleaning it can be the biggest hassle you may encounter when its your beloved cookware. ...

Are You Forgetting To Clean These Kitchen Surfaces?

This is one surface you might miss.
It's more important now, more than ever, to clean your kitchen as well as the rest of your house. In the time of the coronavirus, washing our hands is just one part of keeping ourselves safe from the contagious virus. Face masks ...

This Is An Effective Way To Clean Oily Plastic Containers

This easy hack will remove grease from your food containers.
Have you seen it? This cleaning hack saves all your containers by easily removing the oily and greasy stains that's left behind in your plastic food containers. You might get the toughest tomato-red residue when you store kaldereta, menudo, and other tomato-based dishes in your containers. You ...

Do This Regularly To Make The Best Tasting Coffee

Fyi, you need to clean your coffee maker.
They say that a great cup of coffee begins with the coffee beans. The Philippines boasts of a great coffee culture and the local coffee scene is very much alive and thriving. Great coffee beans can be the start of a great ...

How To Clean Your Oven Toaster

Learn how to do it right so you can do this regularly.
How often do you clean your kitchen? Weekly? Daily? After every dish is cooked? That's probably how often most of us clean the kitchen, but how often do you clean your appliances? Of all the spots in the kitchen that needs a thorough cleaning, the oven ...

Can You "KonMari" Your Kitchen? We Have 6 Tips to Help You Declutter

Overwhelmed by a cluttered countertop, an overstuffed fridge, and a cabinet full of plastic containers?
A couple of years ago, the KonMari Method—a decluttering process—took the world by storm.The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a “shelf-help” book detailing the method, became a New York Times Bestseller and, to date, has sold four million copies worldwide. Tokyo-based cleaning ...

How to Clean a Grill

Get your grill shiny and new in three easy steps!
.Reality check: Yes, you need to tidy up that barbecue mess. See how easy it is in our slideshow. Main image from Pixabay.comPhotography by Miguel Nacianceno | Styling by  Liezl Yap | Demonstration by Jonathan Roxas | Char-Broil grill from Handyman Do-It-Best ...

How To Peel and Devein Shrimp

Learn how to clean shrimp in three easy steps!
Learn how to clean seafood before cooking for an ocean of culinary possibilities.Check out the demonstration below:Looking for shrimp recipes? Click here.Photography by Enrico Gutierrez | Text, Research, and Styling by Liezl Yap | Demonstration by Rachelle Santos | Props from Saizen ...

How To Wash Veggies and Fruits

Keep your produce pesticide-free in 3 easy steps!
Prevent foodborne illnesses, chemicals and other residue by washing your veggies and fruits properly. Here's how:Photography by Miguel Nacianceno | Research by Angelo Comsti | Demonstration by Liezl Yap ...
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