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Surprise! Canned Coca-Cola + Coffee Is Actually Available In Five Flavors

One of the flavors is caramel.
For those who frequent convenience stores, you might have spotted an unusual canned Cocoa-Cola product called the Coca-Cola thêm Cà Phê. This is a Coca-Cola hybrid product that at first sip tastes and feels like Coke, then has a coffee finish.This specific Coca-Cola product was ...

Coca-Cola Fans, We Know Where You Can Get This New Tic Tac Flavor!

It comes in cute packaging!
Are you a fan of cola and cola-flavored sweets? Well, we have fantastic news for you! On your next visit to 7-Eleven, make sure to make a beeline for the candy section (especially the one right by the counter) and look for ...

McDonald's "Kindness Kitchen" Is Committed To Prepare 50,000 Meals For Heroic Frontliners

Your P50 donation can cover one person's meal already.
There are countless ways to show gratitude to all of the frontliners during this COVID-19 crisis. The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is saying "thank you, frontliners!" by setting up the McDo Kindness Kitchen.This McDonald's program is committed to serving a total of ...

OMG, There's A New Coca-Cola Strawberry In Japan!

Strawberry fans, you have to get your hands on this.
Did you know that winter in Japan is the season for strawberries? This is why most Japanese bakeries release a variety of strawberry-flavored desserts come December to February. If you're a little adventurous, Coca-Cola Japan just released a Coca-Cola Strawberry.This Japan-exclusive drink ...

We Can't Believe There's A Vanilla Float-Flavored Coca Cola

BRB, booking a flight to Japan.
Japan is known to put a creative and unique spin on our favorite food items, which is evident with their 300+ Kit Kat flavors. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you would also have noticed that Japan's konbini (convenience stores) and supermarkets ...

A Can Of Coke + Coffee Exists And We Know Where You Can Buy One!

No need to choose between Coke and coffee.
Why choose between Coke and coffee when you can have both? Meet the Coca-Cola thêm Cà Phê. It's exactly what you think it will taste like, it's coffee and Coke: a carbonated coffee or Coke with bitter coffee notes. This was originally launched ...

Look: Coca-Cola Launches Their Newest Flavor!

It's been 12 years since the last flavored Coca-Cola!
While Coca-Cola has a classic, sugary taste we've come to love, we're always open to change. If you can't get enough of Cherry and Vanilla Coca-Cola whenever you could get your hands on them, this new flavor could make it on your ...
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