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Pancake Mix Hack: You Can Make Tiramisu Pancakes!

Make your breakfast extra.
You can make more than just pancakes with a box of pancake mix, but did you know you can make extraordinary pancakes with it? You can make flavored pancakes such as ube pancakes, peanut butter and coconut pancakes, or even squash or kalabasa pancakes! But why not ...

Is It Better To Use Cocoa Powder Or Melted Chocolate In Baking?

Your choice is all about flavor and texture.
It's not always a good idea to substitute one ingredient for another, especially if the other ingredient will make a difference in the end dish. This is the reason why switching out an ingredient especially in baking recipes can be a mistake! One of ...

You Can Make These Desserts Using Cocoa Powder

You can keep your chocolate bars for merienda.
Chocolate desserts are irresistible! Chocolate anything can be classified as instant crowd favorites because let's admit it: people love chocolate. What better way to fall in love with chocolate more than you already do now than by baking with chocolate? You might be thinking that you need ...

Everything You Need to Know About Making Brownies

Brownies are easy to make but here are tips so you don't mess up, no matter what.
A chocolate brownie recipe is actually a basic baking recipe. It's really just about mixing a bunch of delicious ingredients in a big bowl and baking it in the oven until just right. However, there are nuances that can make your brownies cakey, fudgy, and even a ...

WATCH: How To Make Dark Chocolate Crinkles

Black cocoa powder ensures the chocolate is deep, dark, and delicious.
There are more ways to make chocolate crinkles than you think! We have many chocolate crinkles recipes, and each one is a gloriously fudgy and delicious cookie recipe that you're going to want to try.We have a classic chocolate crinkle recipe and video that shows ...

Chocolate Churros with Spicy Chocolate Dip Recipe

Sugar-coated chocolate sticks dunked in more chocolate. Yes, please!
Love churros? This is a version you should try. These crispy pastry sticks are still coated in a sugar-cinnamon mix but not only is the dip made with chocolate, so is the actual churros. You're dipping a chocolate pastry in even more ...

This Is How To Transform Any Baked Dessert To A Chocolate Treat

Changing a recipe from vanilla to chocolate isn't as easy as just adding it in.
It seems like a simple addition: just add unsweetened baking cocoa powder to your batter and voila: you’ve made a chocolate dessert. Unfortunately, the science of baking isn’t as simple as that. You may need to make a few adjustments to your tried ...

SHOP WITH YUMMY: Where Can I Buy Cocoa Powder?

You will need cocoa powder for all your delicious chocolate treats!
Cocoa powder is a must for bakers who love the deep, dark, intense taste of chocolate. Use cocoa powder in your brownies, cakes, cookies, and no-bake creations! Remember: it’s also great to know which kind of cocoa powder you should be using ...

Know the Difference: Natural vs. Dutch-Processed Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is essential when making delicious chocolate desserts!
Bakers know that chocolate is a no-fail baking flavor. Who doesn’t love  the earthy, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter taste of chocolate? One of the best ways to get the best chocolate flavor in your cakes, brownies, and truffles is to use cocoa powder. ...

Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate: What Is the Difference?

This sweet treat makes it hard to not polish off a whole bar in one sitting!
Ah, chocolate—rich, decadent, and always mouth-watering.While snacking on a bar may just be all about your flavor preference, cooking and baking with chocolate requires a little more knowledge on your ingredients’ composition and proportions. Know the difference between dark, milk, and white chocolate ...

Chocolate Yogurt Cake

This moist and tender chocolate layer cake is low in fat thanks to the use of yogurt and reduced-fat cream cheese.
It's a moist and tender chocolate layer cake that cuts down on the fat by using yogurt and reduced-fat cream cheese. ...

Fudge Brownies

A brownie recipe from Chef Ernie Babaran of ISCAHM.
If you want a sweeter brownie, Chef Ernie Babaran of ISCAHM suggests increasing the glucose to 1/2  cup. You can also dust the top with cocoa powder instead of confectioner’s sugar. ...
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