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WATCH: You Will Love This Buko Pandan + Macapuno Cake

This buko pandan cake is for those who love the creamy dessert.
You probably have attended a celebration that served a chilled buko pandan dessert. If you loved that dessert, hold your breath for this stunning dessert that reimagines the flavors of that chilled dessert into a pillowy soft chiffon cake.It starts off with a delicate chiffon cake coated ...

Coconut and Raspberry Cream Cake Recipe

This cake is made of a delicious combination of coconut cream and raspberry jam.
This heavenly confection is light, fluffy, and soft as a cloud. It's filled with raspberry jam and enrobed in shaved coconut and grated white chocolate. Remember to fold the meringue in gently to achieve a light and airy cake.  ...
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