Bubble Tea

Milk tea drinks, milkshakes and good food blend well together in this fun Japanese-inspired resto


Become a green tea fanatic with blended shakes, tea lattes and exceptional food choices you’ll be craving for soon after

No Shopping List

An attempt at making a comforting bowl of guinataang mais and a visit to Paco Market proves that sometimes going to the market without a list is better

Spices 'n Flavours

Take a peek at this foodlover's candyshop.

Kings of the Kitchen

Meet four guys who rule their kitchens (sans formal training!)

Sunshine Pengson

Find out what she would have been had she not pursued culinary.

Better with Butter

Mariel bakes an all caramel treat--from the cake to the frosting.

3 Ways To Use Magnetic Kitchen Rack

Tips on how to use your kitchen magnetic rack wisely.

10 Delightful Snack Dips

Make chips and crackers a lot more delectable with these dip recipes!

Mini French Pastries

These mini cupcakes and cookies are big in taste!

Made for Entertaining

Model and TV host Marc Nelson finally gets his dream kitchen.

This Week's Top 10 Recipes

10 most popular recipes for the week. See if your fave dish made it.

8 Ways to Celebrate Iced Tea Month

As we end Iced Tea Month, we give you eight recipes to play around with in your kitchen!

Do You Use Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream?

Yes, they are two different things.

Cup o' Joe

Update the classic coffee jelly by using coconut!

Fresh Fruits in Coconut Soup

Welcome the summer season by paying tribute to the country’s tropical bounty.
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