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Select Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Branches Are Open For Takeout, Delivery, And Drive-Thru!

Get your coffee or tea fix.
One of the little things a lot of people miss is the ritual of going to the coffee shop for a cup of our favorite joe. Good news for coffee fans who are looking to get their coffee fix: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ...

You Can Buy Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's "Ready Coffee" In Supermarkets

There are three flavors available!
Is dropping by a cafe for a cup of joe part of your morning routine pre-ECQ? While most cafes are closed, our new normal has turned us into home-based baristas making Dalgona Coffee and Kori Kohi. But if you want something quick but ...

There's A New Chocolate Chip Dough Cheesecake At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

They have other new desserts on the menu, too.
Looking for a new dessert to pair with your cup of coffee or tea? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf released a bunch of sweet and savory desserts!A very interesting item included in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s new lineup of desserts is the ...

Here Are All The Different Tea Lattes You Can Order At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Milk tea fans, you should try this.
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is not just a cafe where you can have your coffee fix, they also boast of having a wide selection of teas. They even have tea latte versions where they combine the brewed tea, steamed milk, and ...

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Christmas Tumblers, Mugs, And Gift Sets Are Too Pretty!

Stay hydrated and caffeinated!
Looking for a great Christmas gift for coffee and tea fans? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's gorgeous Christmas tumblers, mugs, and gift sets are both useful and cute! If you're gifting a coffee fan, opt for The Holiday Gift Set (P1,299) which includes a mug ...

You Can Now Get Coffee Bean Christmas Beverages And 2020 Planners!

The holiday season has started!
What we love about the holidays, apart from the festive decor and carols, are the traditions. For some, it includes getting Christmas beverages for planners. If you’re looking for your next writing companion for the coming year, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf just released their ...

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 26th Street Bistro Serves More Than Just Coffee and Desserts

It’s not just a bigger CBTL cafe, it’s a full-service restaurant!
You might have seen the big, airy Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in Net Lima Building along 26th Street, Taguig and in Shangri-la Plaza Mall’s East Wing. It’s "not just a bigger CBTL store.” In fact, 26th Street Bistro is a ...

Cozy Up To This Honey Apple Chai Tea Latte

Have you tried Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s new drink?
Like your lattes sweet and bold-flavored? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s new drink, Honey Apple Chai Tea Latte, should be on your must-try list. With tarty apple and saccharine honey flavors, this drink is perfect for almost-nippy weather and staying in on ...
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