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LIST: Coffee Desserts You Can Order From GrabFood and Foodpanda

Coffee for dessert is always a good idea.
Is a cup of coffee an important part of your daily routine? If you just can't get enough coffee in your system, why not have coffee for dessert, too? Lucky for you, there are so many coffee desserts available in Metro Manila. Here are the coffee cakes ...

Different Ways To Enjoy Tiramisu

Here's proof that a tiramisu can be made better.
Tiramisu can be a super easy recipe! All you need is some broas or ladyfingers dunked in coffee and sweetened whipped cream cheese. It's a matter of placing these into a delicate layer to create a refrigerator cake. It's the cost and availability of these ingredients that make it hard ...

Cold Coffee Ideas You Can Have For Dessert

Indulge your love for coffee with these cool desserts.
When the heat is too stifling to enjoy your morning coffee, try making iced coffee! Iced coffee can be just as good a wake-me-up beverage as a hot one! In fact, did you know that 1 cup cold-brewed coffee has about the same ...

This Heavenly Coffee Crumble Ice Cream Cake Is So Easy To Make!

It will satisfy your sweet tooth!
At the start of the community quarantine, many became obsessed with Dalgona, a sweet, coffee-based froth that you put on top of iced milk. In fact, the lockdown was a chance for all of us to experiment and discover food hacks, especially ...

Skip The Coffee And Go Straight To This Pillowy Coffee Brazo De Mercedes For Dessert

Each roll is only P395!
Who says you can’t have coffee for dessert, too? A new dessert that any true coffee fan should try is Barbara’s Savory & Sweets’ new Brazo de Cafe (P395).The bakeshop’s take on this popular dessert is made with a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth coffee-flavored meringue ...

Coffee Crunch Mini Loaf Cakes Recipe

Coffee + cake makes this mash-up the ultimate afternoon snack.
Not all coffee cake recipes have actual coffee in it. A coffee cake is really a cake that's served (or is at its best) with coffee. It's a classic afternoon snack combo. The steaming hot, brewed cup of bitter coffee and the sweet, soft texture of cake are ...

Mocha Cupcakes Recipe

This cupcake will remind you of hot steaming mugs you normally drink: coffee and chocolate.
Mocha is the next best thing to happen to coffee and chocolate fans. It mixes the two flavors together into a delicious combination that tastes like coffee, tastes like chocolate, and tastes like something totally different from the two flavors. It's a flavor that's ...

Starbucks Now Offers Refreshing Coffee-and-Ice-Cream Combos

New stuff to try!
Meaning "drowned" in Italian, an affogato is a classic coffee-based dessert that has a single scoop of vanilla ice cream soaked or "drowned" in espresso (hence the name). It's the perfect perk-me-up treat, especially in Manila's perpetually changing weather, so we're pretty ...

WATCH: 3 Ways to Make Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is one of the most versatile desserts you can make!
This Italian dessert made with sweetened cream and gelatin is one of the most versatile desserts around. Top panna cotta with fresh fruits, drizzle with sauces, or infuse it with flavors such as coffee, Nutella, or chocolate. CLICK HERE for more PANNA COTTA RECIPES ...

Mocha Coffee Jelly Recipe

If coffee-flavored gelatin is available, grab that box to make this recipe even easier than it already is.
If coffee-flavored gelatin is available, grab that box to make this recipe even easier than it already is. ...

Cup o' Joe

Update the classic coffee jelly by using coconut!
Update the classic coffee jelly by using coconut! ...
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