This Ice Cream Will Make Your Coffee Jelly Dessert Dreams Come True

It's the perfect combination!
In August 2019, Sebastian’s Ice Cream released a line of Jelly Ice Creams: there’s Buko Pandan, Lychee Dynasty, and our favorite, Coffee Jelly. This time around, Sebastian’s Ice Cream is taking the Coffee Jelly flavor and expanding it into new flavors. For coffee lovers, ...

Coffee Jelly-Flavored Ice Cream Exists And We Are Totally Here For It

Coffee for dessert!
When your need for caffeine jolt and sugar rush collide, you can rely on coffee-flavored desserts to satisfy these cravings in one go. If you’re a coffeeholic with a sweet tooth, Sebastian’s Ice Cream recently released a line of Jelly Ice Cream ...

Easy Coffee Jelly Recipe

These cubes of coffee don't melt in the sweet, sweet cream.
This is the easy coffee jelly dessert you've been craving! If you love coffee, this dessert is sure to satisfy your love for coffee as well as your love for a cold and easy-to-make dessert.The cream is sweetened with condensed milk so you know it's ...

WATCH: How to Make Mocha Coffee Jelly

Treat yourself to this simple coffee jelly dessert.
This mocha coffee jelly recipe perfectly pairs the flavors and textures of coffee jelly with a light mocha mousse.TIP: To shorten prep time you can pour the coffee jelly mixture into the serving glasses and let it set there. Top with mousse ...

Latte with Coffee Jelly Recipe

A thick frappuccino and smooth jelly come together in one cool concoction.
Dessert or drink? This one’s both! A thick frappuccino and smooth jelly come together in one cool concoction. ...
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