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This #Aesthetic Device Lets You Brew Great Coffee With No Fuss

We love the minimalist design!
With café dates and "coffice" sessions much less accessible—not to mention, much less safe—these days, more and more people are getting into home-brewing, hoping to recreate the same tasty drinks their go-to cafés once offered on a daily basis. In case you, ...

Add This Gorgeous Drip Machine To Your Coffee Nook At Home

Add this to your cart!
Are you building your own coffee nook at home? If you prefer the versatility of a coffeemaker to a coffee capsule machine, we found an incredibly gorgeous and unique coffeemaker from a brand called Bear. It will definitely give your coffee nook a touch of ...

This 4-in-1 Coffee Capsule Machine Is Only P5,700!

You can use Nespresso pods, Dolce Gusto pods, ESE pods, and ground coffee.
Have you been looking for an affordable coffee capsule machine? If you're on the fence because buying a coffee capsule machine is too limiting (you can only use a specific pod for a specific machine), we found an affordable coffee capsule machine that ...

Tips On How To Use A Coffee Press

Use this affordable coffee machine to make delicious coffee every morning.
Yes, you can go wrong when it comes to making coffee. Bad coffee is not always apparent to everyone but when you have great coffee, it's hard to go back. One easy way to make coffee without having a big machine do it for ...

Woah, This Chic Coffee Capsule Machine Only Costs P2,999!

This is one of the most affordable coffee capsule machines in town.
For the past few months, we've had to do without visits to the cafe and ordering our go-to drinks. One of the solutions a lot of people have done is to invest in a coffee capsule machine because having a cup of coffee ...

Did You Know UCC Coffee Has Pod Machines? Here's Where You Can Get It At A Discounted Price

This can do more than just make coffee!
Are you thinking of buying a coffee machine? Perhaps you've already seen the more popular brands online and have added it to your wishlist. But before you finally make the big leap and purchase it, you should also consider UCC's Drip Pod ...

Everything You Need To Know About Making Coffee At Home

We found gorgeous, budget-friendly coffee makers, too!
Making excellent coffee at home needs a few special equipment that won't break your budget but will deliver the hot mug you need every morning. Do you have a coffee machine that will do the bulk of the job or are you ...

4 Kitchen Small Appliances You Can Give To Yourself

Think about yourself and what you want this Christmas, too.
When Christmas rolls in, our first thoughts about gifts are usually about what we would love to give to our friends and family. It's not often that you get to choose what gift you would like to get for yourself.  Why not think of yourself ...

Coffee Fans, Rejoice! You Can Now Make Great Coffee at Home

Nespresso machines and coffees are now available in the country!
To celebrate the launch of Nespresso in the Philippines, Nespresso collaborated with Chef Sunshine Puey to create a special drink, Toasted Coconut Latte. Imagine this: no more grinding and careful measuring of ground coffee beans, consistent cups of coffee with just one button ...
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