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Why Do Some Coca-Cola Bottles Have Yellow Bottle Caps?

Is there a difference?
We all know Coca-Cola drinks to have that iconic bright red color when it comes to their packaging, including the bottle caps. But once a year, the color of the bottle cap changes from red to yellow. When a bottle of Coca-Cola has a ...

WATCH: Why Coke Tastes Different Around The World

It's almost the same, save for something you couldn't explain.
You're not imagining things if that glass of Coke you drank on your last overseas trip before the lockdown tasted a bit different. Find out why in this video:This story originally appeared on * Minor edits have been made by the ...

We Know Where You Can Buy Coke In Dark Blend And Vanilla Flavors

Add these to your grocery cart!
Have you seen Coca-Cola drinks with coffee in the supermarket? When it was made available here in the Philippines back in 2019, we only had a few variants of it available. Coca-Cola launched five different flavors earlier this year in the United States so we were bound ...

OMG, There's A New Coca-Cola Strawberry In Japan!

Strawberry fans, you have to get your hands on this.
Did you know that winter in Japan is the season for strawberries? This is why most Japanese bakeries release a variety of strawberry-flavored desserts come December to February. If you're a little adventurous, Coca-Cola Japan just released a Coca-Cola Strawberry.This Japan-exclusive drink ...

We Can't Believe There's A Vanilla Float-Flavored Coca Cola

BRB, booking a flight to Japan.
Japan is known to put a creative and unique spin on our favorite food items, which is evident with their 300+ Kit Kat flavors. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you would also have noticed that Japan's konbini (convenience stores) and supermarkets ...

A Can Of Coke + Coffee Exists And We Know Where You Can Buy One!

No need to choose between Coke and coffee.
Why choose between Coke and coffee when you can have both? Meet the Coca-Cola thêm Cà Phê. It's exactly what you think it will taste like, it's coffee and Coke: a carbonated coffee or Coke with bitter coffee notes. This was originally launched ...

Look: Coca-Cola Launches Their Newest Flavor!

It's been 12 years since the last flavored Coca-Cola!
While Coca-Cola has a classic, sugary taste we've come to love, we're always open to change. If you can't get enough of Cherry and Vanilla Coca-Cola whenever you could get your hands on them, this new flavor could make it on your ...
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