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Ministop's New Burger Has A Huge Chicken Fillet

Yes, five inches wide!
It's hard not to mention Uncle John's Fried Chicken when we're talking about Ministop. It's arguably one of the best and affordable fried chicken, especially if you chance upon freshly cooked Uncle John's Fried Chicken. If you simply can't get enough of Ministop's ...

You Can Get Crispy Pata At This Convenience Store For Less Than P500

You can find it in select branches!
Convenience stores are a great place to get food items and essentials without needing to go to a big supermarket. Sometimes, you can find gems at your local convenience store including hot meals and bang-for-your-buck brewed coffee.Ministop is known for its crispy fried ...

You Can Now Get Säntis Delicatessen's Premium Deli Cuts At A Convenience Store

Need deli cuts for your cheese grazing board?
Santis Delicatessen is one of the best places to get your deli cuts and cheeses to add to your homemade sandwich or even for your DIY cheese board. While there are a few branches in and around the Metro, now it's easier ...

We Found An Ube + Margarine-Filled Bread In The Supermarket

This deserves a spot in your snack stash.
Are you always looking for ube treats for merienda? On your next trip to the supermarket or convenience store, make sure to look for Fuwa Fuwa’s new Ube & Margarine Bread and add it to your shopping cart.Fuwa Fuwa’s Ube & Margarine Bread ...

Delimondo's Famous Corned Beef Now Comes In A Smaller (More Affordable) Size

Each can costs less than P100!
Just because you’re experiencing petsa de peligro, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food. If you’re a fan of Delimondo’s famous corned beef, you can now get a smaller sized can to satisfy your cravings at an affordable price!Delimondo recently released a ...

Meet Kit Kat's New Limited-Edition Flavor: Salted Caramel Popcorn!

Salty or sweet? It's a little bit of both.
When it comes to chocolate flavors, Kit Kat is one that is available in almost every flavor you can think of. There’s never a shortage of flavors! From its classic milk chocolate flavor, dark chocolate, white chocolate, to something as unorthodox as ...
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