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Make Better Chocolate Chip Cookies With This Simple Ingredient

This is the kind of chocolate that will satisfy the serious chocoholic.
When it comes to cookies, the most popular of all the cookies may just be the chocolate chip cookie. This American cookie creation will always be an instant hit with anyone who loves chocolate! There are chunks in every bite and depending on what ...

What Is Shortening And How Do You Use It In Baking?

This ingredient is the next best thing to butter!
Butter, shortening, lard, cocoa butter, margarine—all of these are used in baking, but if you’ve ever encountered a recipe that called specifically for shortening, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have it on hand. If you’re unsure if butter or margarine would be ...

Here's An Easy Hack on How to Make Candy-Topped Cookies

Make any cookie recipe into a jam-filled one.
Yup. You read it right. Any cookie can be a thumbprint cookie. And it’s a simple hack! All you have to do is use your thumb (or the back of a teaspoon, the tip of your wooden spoon, or any kitchen utensil) ...

Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Cookie Baking

Baking cookies for holiday giveaways? Here are the best tips to make it easy for you.
'Tis the season of giving! Skip the shopping mall crowds and bake your own holiday giveaways. Nothing beats homemade! Here are the best tips to get you through the holiday cookie baking rush without breaking a sweat. 1  Freeze ahead.Make your dough now, ...
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