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These Kitchen Hacks Are Sure to Make Cooking Easier

Hack your way to easier food prep!
Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult but with a little help, you can master the kitchen! Start with these 7 simple tips to get comfortable around your workspace while cooking, and you’ll definitely find it becomes easier in no time.1 Make removing the skin of ...

6 Ways to Make Weeknight Cooking Easy and Hassle-Free

These tips and tricks are sure to help cut your prep and cooking time during the busy week.
Making a game plan for a week’s worth of meals can be tough, especially if you’re constantly busy with work or the kids. Budget your time with these tips to make cooking a lot quicker and simpler around the kitchen.  1 Cook a ...

This Is What I Now Know From Learning How to Cook at 35

I thought I’d be okay with takeout forever until I finally learned how to work the stove.
It might not seem like such a huge feat to some, but learning how to cook is one of my greatest accomplishments at 35. I know, how late in life, right? But let me explain. Growing up, I always woke up to ...

Cooking 101: Nail These 5 Basic Techniques

Once you get these basic cooking techniques right, everyday cooking will be less daunting!
Conquer the kitchen by mastering these simple cooking skills. Cooking and baking are both very technical, so clock in some kitchen time and practice until you get these right. Once you do, everyday cooking will be a total breeze! 1  BraisingThis is a ...

5 Cooking Mistakes That Every Home Cook Makes

Here's how to avoid simple mistakes when cooking at home.
A simple misstep can easily change a delicious dish and recipe in an instant. Take these tips to heart and dodge common, but easily avoidable, cooking mistakes that every home cooks makes. 1  Improper meat prep.  Never cook meat straight from the freezer. ...

Solenn Heussaff Reveals the Contents of Her Refrigerator

Do you have the same kitchen must-haves?
Here’s a sneak peek into celebrity, fitness guru and runny egg yolk-lover Solenn Heussaff’s kitchen staples. Plus, she also shared an easy and delicious breakfast recipe with us! Find more home cook-friendly recipes and advice about getting fit and eating well in ...

5 Good Kitchen Habits That Every Home Cook Should Master

Be a better home cook: master these good kitchen habits!
We’re keeping this simple: get the basics right, and you’ll become a better cook before the year ends! 1  Make a grocery list.Isn’t it frustrating to come home from a grocery trip only to realize that you forgot to grab ginger for your ...

Know When to Use Glass or Metal Bakeware in Baking

When it comes to using a pan for roasting or baking in a hot oven, choose wisely.
When it comes to using a pan for roasting or baking in a hot oven, choose wisely. Glass bakeware and metal bakeware produce very different results in baking different kinds of food, and we have scientific facts to back this up! Let ...

Save vs. Splurge: Basic Kitchen Tools

Be smart in building your kitchen: choose which tools are worth the splurge!
Building up your kitchen gear can cost a lot of money. Know when to spend your hard-earned cash and when to save it!Splurge1  Food processorThis heavy-duty item will last you dozens of years if you invest in caring and maintaining it regularly. ...

Which Do You Use: Parchment Paper or Aluminum Foil?

Learn when to use foil or parchment paper in your cooking and baking!
Parchment paper and foil are both used as surfaces for baking and roasting. However, they could give you very different results. Be a pro in the kitchen and learn how to use them at the right times! Parchment PaperParchment paper has a thin ...

How to Make Roux

Learn this basic cooking hack to make your soups and stews thicker.
A roux (pronounced "rooh") is a mix of equal amounts of flour and butter or oil, often used as a thickening agent in soups and sauces. It is usually cooked as a base for these dishes before adding other ingredients.To make a simple ...
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