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PSA: Heny Sison's First Online Class Is Now Open For Registration

Only 20 participants are allowed to sign up for this class.
Just in case you need a refresher: Heny Sison Culinary School posted on social media last May that the institution will soon offer online classes. And after almost a month of waiting, they announced that their first online class will be all about ...

Heny Sison Culinary School Will Soon Offer Online Classes

Keep your eyes peeled for more details.
Being in quarantine has forced us to spend more time in the kitchen. If you find that you're not as comfortable in the kitchen as you would like to be, you can gain that confidence by learning a new skill or two now ...

Learn How To Make Delicious Tamales, Cheese Puto, And More!

Try something new for 2020.
Want to learn something new and useful for 2020? Why not learn how to make your favorite kakanin, which you can eventually enjoy for merienda whenever the craving calls for it? Heny Sison Culinary School is offering a Native Kakanin Workshop this February.Heny Sison ...

Mommies And Cooking Newbies, This Class Is For You!

There's a lot you can learn from these classes.
Being a mom can be overwhelming when you're juggling two to eight tasks at a time, but it can be the most rewarding thing ever, too. If you're a new mom or a mom-to-be who is absolutely clueless around the kitchen, 25 Mushrooms ...

Be A Chocolatier For A Day At This Intense Short Course

Be your own Willy Wonka.
It’s hard to find someone able to resist the lure of chocolate. Chocolate has got to be one of the most beloved ingredients in the world. If you’re like us, you might have even taken your love for chocolate to a whole ...

Le Cordon Bleu Ateneo Will Soon Offer Short Courses!

The courses will start this July.
Le Cordon Bleu is an international network of hospitality and culinary institutes that teach French Cuisine. They have more than 35 institutes in 20 countries who learn how to innovate and at the same time be creative with all the dishes they make. ...

Home Cooks Upgraded Their Kitchen Skills at This Year's Yummy Academy

Don't miss out next time!
We had a delicious and fun day with our readers at this year's Yummy Academy held May 25 at 25 Mushrooms in Pasig City. With co-presenter Carnation, Yummy Academy promised to help home cooks upgrade their cooking skill set with three delicious ...

Fun Food Classes To Try This Summer: Buko Pie Workshop + More

There are also classes dedicated to food illusions and sushi art!
Have you always wanted to bake and cook but don’t have enough time to commit to full-course workshops? Don’t put your passion for food in the backburner. Here are one-day food classes to hone your creativity and baking skills in the kitchen!Have ...

CCA Manila Is Offering Cooking + Baking Classes For Kids

Make their summer worthwhile!
Does your child's eyes light up when they taste good food? Or do they love hanging out in the kitchen? If the little ones in your life are aspiring chefs or bakers, the Center of Culinary Arts is offering a Young Chefs Boot ...

Nurture Your Child's Cooking Talents at the Young Chefs Boot Camp This Summer

They just might love cooking classes!
Does your child show interest in cooking and baking? The Center for Culinary Arts (CCA, Manila) just announced the Young Chefs Boot Camp, catered towards 7 to 16 years old who are interested in enhancing their skills in the culinary field. The program aims to motivate ...

You Can Learn To Make Your Fave Cibo Dishes At This One-Day Cooking Class

Learn from owner and chef Gaita Fores, no less!
If you love Cibo and their pasta dishes (Penne al Telefono and Spaghettini al Emilia!), this one-day cooking class is for you! Learn to make Cibo’s bestsellers such as their Insalata, Bruschetta, Penne al Telefono and Spaghettini al Emilia, and more this summer! ...
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