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Learn, Wine, And Dine At This Spanish Cooking Class

This is organized by the Center for Culinary Arts.
Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) will offer a dine-and-wine class for cooking enthusiasts to learn the rich, traditional Spanish cuisine from Chef Juan Carlos ‘JC’ de Terry, the founder of Terry’s Bistro and is known to be the “King of Spanish cuisine”. This “Wine ...

This Is What I Now Know From Learning How to Cook at 35

I thought I’d be okay with takeout forever until I finally learned how to work the stove.
It might not seem like such a huge feat to some, but learning how to cook is one of my greatest accomplishments at 35. I know, how late in life, right? But let me explain. Growing up, I always woke up to ...

This Cooking Class Will Teach You How to Cook Like the French Do

Learn the basics of cooking from a French chef!
This July, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is celebrating its rich French history with a series of gastronomic events, one being an exclusive cooking class on two basic French dishes! Beef bourguignon, anyone? Sofitel's Chef Patrick Terrien will teach a class of 10 on ...

Guide to Summer Cooking Classes in Manila (2016)

Choose from over 30 classes and make the best out of your summer!
Culinary arts may be a complex field, and one summer sure isn't enough for you to perfect your newfound talent, but it doesn't mean you can't make progress. And since there's no better time to learn than now, we rounded up summer ...

Should You Go to Culinary School?

Because learning how to be a chef is so much more than just mastering a few recipes.
So you love eating, cooking, and entertaining—but are you cut out for culinary school? We quizzed Chef See Cheong Yan, the corporate culinary head at Enderun Colleges, and he offered a list of thinking points for those interested in pursuing culinary arts ...

Where To Go For Cooking + Baking Classes This Summer

You still have a month to learn how to be a pro in the kitchen.
Want to brush up on your cooking smarts or want to learn a new kitchen skill? Check out our handy list below on classes and courses you can take this summer:COOKING AND KITCHEN SKILLS WHERE: Southville International School, Lima corner Luxembourg Streets, ...

Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight + Other Food News

Plus, a cooking class for bachelors, and chic linens for entertaining at home.
 Dessert for breakfast? Sweet news for dessert-lovers: In a report by the Telegraph, a study shows that having your cake (or other desserts) in the morning helps burn unwanted pounds.According to the report, “Morning is the best time to consume sweets because ...

Where to Go for 1-Day Cooking Classes + Culinary Lessons

We list down some places where you can hone your kitchen smarts.
If culinary school can’t fit into your schedule (or your budget) for now, you can still learn how to be a better cook and kitchen expert with 1-day classes. From vegetarian dishes to coffee education, here are 3 places you can check ...
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