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Everything You Need To Know About Frying Fish

Fear not and fry that fish!
Frying is one of the most universally loved ways to cook fish. It’s quick to prepare, it yields crispiness and tenderness, and its overall simplicity in flavor makes it appealing to a lot of people. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to ...

A Quick Guide On Using Different Kinds Of Baking Pans

Know the kind of pan you need.
So you want to start baking and you head down to the baking supply shop to buy a few essentials. Are you overwhelmed when choosing a baking pan? Not to worry! Here’s a quick guide you can consult!No matter what the material ...

Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Chop Suey Better

Make your chop suey the best you'll ever make.
Chop suey is a classic vegetable side dish. What makes it so delicious is also what can make it boring to eat. What else can you do to make your chop suey recipe even more delicious? We have five ideas on how you ...

How To Cook Meat With Or Without Bones

Here's how to adjust your cooking to the cut of meat.
Bones! Have you ever wondered how it affects how you're cooking? Are there adjustments you have to make depending on whether you’re cooking fillets or not?We have the answer to your questions!Cooking fillets and boneless cuts don't have hard bones to cook around. Bones take ...

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With Eggs

Love eggs? Learn everything you need to know about it.
If there’s one thing you can probably eat every single day of your life, it’s eggs. It’s affordable, it’s easy to cook, and it can be so delicious. That’s what makes eggs so important to master. If you’re going to use it ...

Everything You Need To Know About Baking Powder, Baking Soda + Other Leavening Agents

Unlock the secrets to fluffy baked goods.
If you’ve ever baked or even made a pancake from scratch, you’ve no doubt come across baking soda or baking powder. If you’ve ever made bread, you would have come across yeast. You might be wondering what they’re for or why measuring ...

Everything You Need To Know About Blanching Your Vegetables

Don't undercook or overcook your veggies!
Have you ever come across the word "blanching"? Have you ever changed your mind about a recipe because of the word "blanch"?Fret no more. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to blanch your vegetables. However you might have a few more questions. The most ...

Is A Cheap Meat Thermometer Worth Buying?

How do you even use it?
There are a lot of kitchen thermometers all for different uses. Is it worth it to buy a meat thermometer? Or is there some way to just skip it altogether? To help you make that decision yourself, here are facts about the ...

How To Make Sauces And Soups Stews Thicker, Heartier

Never make mediocre sauces, soups, and stews ever again.
A thick, rich, and creamy sauce doesn’t just give you that satisfying, silky mouthfeel, but it’s also able to better coat food—like gravy clinging onto chicken—to give you more flavor. If you want to achieve that perfect consistency for your soups or ...

10 Kitchen Skills You Need To Level Up Your #Adulting Skills

#Adult like a boss.
Remember when we were kids who wanted to be adults? Funny, right? Being an adult is hard and cooking can be one of the most intimidating tasks one can face. But cooking is also one of the greatest joys you can have ...

How To Cook Squid That's Not Chewy

Never serve rubbery squid again!
We’ve all been heavily disappointed over squid that’s been overcooked. It becomes tough and rubbery, and you might even hurt your jaw with all the chewing. That’s just not how squid is supposed to be enjoyed! Perfectly cooked squid is soft, tender, ...

Dining in: Quick, Cheap and Easy Recipes for Twenty-Somethings

Forget ready meals. Home cooking is the next big thing in food.
.It isn’t very easy being twenty-something. Between looking for their place in the professional world, and trying to keep up with all the latest, craziest trends, a lot of young people today just don’t have enough time or money to cook for ...
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