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Everything You Need To Know To Make The Perfect Menudo

Every new cook should learn how to make this dish.
If you're a new cook, you know there are many dishes that you need to master or at least know to make. From the fast and easy chicken adobo recipe to the long and slow cooking necessary to make the perfect kaldereta dish, these ...

Braising Is Different From Stewing. Here's What You Need To Know

You can cook two different kinds of adobo using these two methods!
Do you know that there's a difference between braising and stewing?We actually do these types of cooking almost every day! Filipino recipes such as mechado, kaldereta, and even menudo are braised while sinigang na baboy and bulalo are stewed until tender. Simply put, braising is cooking food in a small amount ...

Ever Heard Of Butterflied Pork? Here's How to Use It

Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of how to butterfly pork and how to use it.
Butterflying meat means cutting a thick slap open to make a larger but thinner piece. Butterflied cuts can be used for stuffing or roasting.Butterflied pork is incredibly useful in the kitchen. Plus, you can butterfly both boneless pork chops and pork loins. ...

Pusit Cooking Mistakes You Are Making

Fix your cooking mistakes to avoid eating rubbery calamares ever again.
Squid is a fast and easy seafood ingredient to cook but it's also likely you'll end up with rubbery squid. Avoid tough and rubbery adobong pusit or squid rings with these tips:Like most seafood, squid spoils quickly, so the best practice is to ...
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