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WATCH: How To Make A Super Cheesy Corn And Mixed Vegetables Banchan

This side dish is topped with gooey mozzarella!
This creamy corn cheese recipe is considered a Korean banchan or side dish for samyupsal or Korean barbecue. This is a simple buttered corn recipe that's been upgraded into something that's just irresistible. It's all thanks to the gooey melted mozzarella cheese that's piled on ...

Malunggay and Corn Soup with Egg Recipe

This easy recipe is made more appetizing with egg.
Malunggay and corn soup isn't a new idea. It's actually one of the simplest ways of making soup! It's basically just four ingredients: malunggay, corn, an onion, and chicken broth. A little oil gently heats up the ingredients, and salt and pepper to boost the ...

Corn Pudding (Che Bap) Recipe

This is your mango sago made savory with corn.
Sweet corn kernels are usually associated with savory dishes but if you love this when made into a dessert, such as when made into maja blanca or the mais con yelo,  you need to try this Asian dessert recipe, too. Che bap, or sweet corn ...

Creamy Cheesy Spaghetti With Chicken, Corn, and Mushrooms Recipe

Creamy, cheesy and loaded with flavors!
This ultra creamy, cheesy spaghetti recipe is loaded with everything that you would want: chicken chunks, sweet kernel corn bits, cheese, mushrooms, and a white sauce that will rival that of the Pinoy carbonara. ...

These Cream + Corn Recipes Make Delicious Meals

This combo is always a winner.
Anything creamy with sweet corn kernels is sure to be a delicious favorite when it comes to the dinner table. Who doesn't love a versatile vegetable that tastes sweet and savory at the same time? Whether it's a creamy dish that just happens ...

Corn Puto Recipe

Puto just got really corny.
This puto recipe just got corny! These steamed rice cakes are like your usual puto but made more delicious and sweet with corn kernels and creamed corn stirred into the batter. It's a delicious Asian twist on the corn muffin.   ...

Ginisang Mais Recipe

This easy corn side dish recipe is a combo of sweet, savory, and a little zing from the sili leaves.
What's so special about corn? It's sweet, it's plentiful, and it's a universally-loved vegetable that even kids would eat! This easy sautéed corn recipe is really easy to make. Not only that, it's tasty, too! You can make it an all-veggie dish that's perfect for a ...

Ginataang Mais Recipe

This favorite Filipino dish is made with malagkit, corn, and coconut milk.
Ginataang mais is a simple recipe: it's a mix of malagkit or sticky rice, corn, and coconut milk.It's quite easy because it comes together in one pot and is best served as soon as it is cooked. The most difficult part is waiting for the ...

Sweet Corn Fritters Recipe

Use canned corn to make these fritters!
These corn fritters make for the perfect side dish! Serve it along side grilled or roasted meats to cut through the richness of your mains.  ...

Grilled Corn with Garlic Parmesan Butter Recipe

Use your favorite herbs and spices to flavor butter served with the corn.
Grilled corn isn't complete without a knob of butter rubbed over it. Make this snack even tastier by giving flavor to the butter with garlic and parmesan. ...

Mexican Corn Salad Recipe

This corn salad recipe makes for a light and tasty dinner.
Looking for a light dinner idea? This Mexican corn salad recipe fits the bill and is pretty tasty to boot. For a heartier version, add chicken strips. ...
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