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Malunggay and Corn Soup with Egg Recipe

This easy recipe is made more appetizing with egg.
Malunggay and corn soup isn't a new idea. It's actually one of the simplest ways of making soup! It's basically just four ingredients: malunggay, corn, an onion, and chicken broth. A little oil gently heats up the ingredients, and salt and pepper to boost the ...

Corn Pudding (Che Bap) Recipe

This is your mango sago made savory with corn.
Sweet corn kernels are usually associated with savory dishes but if you love this when made into a dessert, such as when made into maja blanca or the mais con yelo,  you need to try this Asian dessert recipe, too. Che bap, or sweet corn ...

We Used Canned Corn For These Comforting Recipes

You don't need to get fancy for comfort food with canned corn.
Who doesn't love corn? It’s sweet, mellow, crunchy, and juicy, and has that distinct flavor that connects us to childhood memories in an instant. So many recipes in our childhood make use of this delightful, accessible canned good. From mais con hielo ...

Philly-style Corn Recipe

A simple cream cheese sauce will make grilled corn more exciting!
Upgrade your grilled corn with cream cheese flavors!a ...

Takoyaki Corn Recipe

Make a takoyaki-inspired version of grilled corn!
This takoyaki grilled corn recipe is great for sharing with family and friends.  ...

Grilled Corn Recipe

This grilled corn recipe is topped with Japanese mayo and togarashi powder!
Give grilled corn an Asian twist with Japanese mayo and a sprinkling of spicy togarashi powder. Drizzle the cobs with lime juice for extra zing. ...

Grilled Mexican Corn

An exciting combination of sweet, spicy, sour, and salty flavors amps up this delicious street food fave!
An exciting combination of sweet, spicy, sour, and salty flavors amps up this simple and delicious street food fave! ...
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