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Corned Beef Idea: Use It To Make Easy Nachos

Just season it with taco seasoning then load it onto corn chips.
A can of corned beef can be your instant breakfast meal. It's naturally tasty from the can and when you saute it with some onions, garlic, and tomatoes, it's instantly more flavorful. It's a classic favorite that you can rely on when you want a beef meal ...

WATCH: How To Make Corned Beef Baked Macaroni

Make use of your kitchen staples to make this baked mac.
This baked macaroni recipe is a perfect example of pantry cooking! Pantry cooking or cooking from the pantry means you cook dishes using ingredients that you would normally find in your kitchen cupboards or the shelves of your pantry. These include onions, garlic, potatoes, canned food of ...

Corned Beef Potato Balls Recipe

These potato balls will make you rethink how you want to eat your corned beef!
Corned beef is well-loved breakfast ulam. Since these are made using corned beef and potatoes that you can mash up, this is ideal when you have leftovers. These are perfect for packing into your baon!  ...

Tortang Corned Beef Recipe

Stretch your pantry staples into a filling, delicious meal.
This easy corned beef omelet uses pantry staples you're sure to already have. Not only does it deliciously serve comforting, familiar flavors, it's also a great way to stretch a few ingredients into a larger, more filling meal. ...

Cheesy Beef Empanada Recipe

Quickmelt cheese make these empanadas irresistible!
Cheese and beef is a delicious combo. Here, we take a simple beef empanada recipe and upgraded its flavor to create a delicious and cheesy version that's a tasty snack for any time of the day. This cheesy beef empanada will be the snacks you ...

Ginisang Corned Beef Recipe

This basic recipe is one you should master for a quick breakfast.
When you’re using corned beef, half the job is done. The meat is cooked and already delicious. All you have to do is add in some more complex, fresh flavors and get it heated up. As it cooks, the potatoes will soak ...

Corned Beef Hash Browns Recipe

Combine two breakfast favorites!
Corned beef mixed in with hash browns make this breakfast favorite more hefty.  ...

Stovetop Corned Beef Casserole Recipe

Use canned corned beef to make an easy casserole on your stovetop.
This corned beef dish is breakfast with a twist! Plus, who doesn't love breakfast food for lunch or dinner? This casserole can be made on the stovetop and with potatoes and canned corned beef. For an extra kick, use spicy corned beef ...

Corned Beef Lasagna Recipe

Replace ground meat with corned beef!
Why not try a new lasagna recipe? Replace ground meat with corned beef—a certified kid favorite—and watch your family finish a whole pan! ...

Baked Macaroni with Corned Beef Recipe

This baked macaroni is stuffed with breakfast favorites!
Chuck two Pinoy breakfast favorites, corned beef and hotdogs, into one baked macaroni dish for a lip-smacking meal your kids will love. It'll be an instant family favorite! ...

Corned Beef Stew Recipe

Make a corned beef stew out of canned corned beef!
Canned corned beef doesn’t always have to end up as a hash on your breakfast plate. Turn it into a tasty corned beef stew!  ...

Spicy Corned Beef Rice Recipe

The champion combo of corned beef, rice, corn, and fried eggs makes this a clear winner!
The fusion of corned beef, rice, and corn plus the addition of fried eggs on top makes this an instant hit among adults and kids! But don't forget to omit the chili peppers in the recipe if you're serving it to the ...
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