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Delicious Pasta Sauces That Don't Use Tomatoes

Tired of your usual tomato-based pasta sauce?
We Filipinos sure love our noodles, and with good reason. Noodles, whether in the form of the various regional pancit dishes or party classics like spaghetti carbonara, have come to represent a time for celebration and coming together. Few dishes represent this ...

Ginisang Ampalaya With Aligue Recipe

Make your simple ginisa sinfully delicious!
This easy stir fry is made even more flavorful with crab fat or aligue. You just need a little bit togive this vegetable dish that delicious crab flavor.   ...

Tokyo Tokyo's New Maki Is Drizzled With Aligue Sauce

We can’t say no to the sinfully delicious crab fat.
Is being adventurous with your food part of your New Years’ resolution this year? The classics will always be there, but it never hurts to try something new, something unique, something out of the box. For sushi fans, Tokyo Tokyo just introduced the ...

You Can Get Lechon Sisig, Organic Balut, And Chocolate Tea At This Filipino Fair

Indulge in the best gourmet Pinoy food at the MaArte Fair 2019
The MaArte Fair, which is an annual trunk show organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines to support their museums, is known for their Filipino-made home accessories, fashion finds, and décor. But did you know that the fair is also a ...

5 Aligue Recipes You'll Want To Eat Everyday

Crab fat, or aligue, is a rich and savory sauce that goes well with many dishes.
Aligue, otherwise known as crab fat, is delicious. While many turn away from the stuff, aligue, when prepared well, is a fantastic ingredient. It can be added and stirred easily into dishes, such as fried rice and stews. It can even be the main ...

WATCH: How to Make Aligue Fried Rice

Love the rich flavor of aligue or crab fat? Mix it in fried rice!
This fried rice recipe has rich and flavorful aligue (crab fat) mixed into it!1 teaspoon atsuete3 tablespoons hot water1 tablespoon olive oil1 tablespoon minced garlic1/3 cup crab fat3 cups cooked ricesalt and pepper, for seasoningcalamansi, for garnish1 Soak atsuete in hot water; strain out ...

Aligue Risotto (Crab Fat Risotto) Recipe

Why not use aligue in your risotto?
Love risotto and the flavors of crab fat? Add aligue to your risotto! Bottled aligue, or crabfat, is available in most major supermarkets. Don’t have Arborio rice? Use malagkit, and cook it like risotto, but use more stock and stop cooking when ...

WATCH: 4 Fantastic Fried Rice Recipes

Step up your fried rice game with these easy recipes.
Pro-tip: leftover rice makes for the best fried rice!  ...

Alimango sa Aligue Sotanghon Recipe

Decadent crab fat takes center stage in this hefty noodle dish.
Decadent crab fat takes center stage in this hefty noodle dish. Can’t find good quality crab? You can make this recipe with prawns, too.  ...
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