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Chicken Mushroom Soup à la Lockdown Recipe

Make a fast and easy meal with just 5 ingredients!
This recipe was made from the available ingredients at home during the lockdown. I used leftover roasted chicken to make this soup even more hearty!  ...

Sipo Egg With Chicken Recipe

We made this recipe extra delicious with surprise ingredients!
A creamy white sauce coating a variety of vegetable chunks, ham, shrimp, and quail eggs are what a sipo egg recipe is all about. To level-up an already well-loved vegetable dish, we swapped the shrimp with chicken and upgraded the white sauce from simple to irresistible. ...

Easy Chicken Pastel Recipe

Make this easy creamy chicken recipe for any celebration.
This creamy chicken recipe is as classic a chicken pastel recipe as you will get! The secret to this dish are the select ingredients: slices of flavorful chorizo de bilbao, cream of mushroom soup, chunks of potatoes and carrots, whole mushrooms, and big cubes ...

Here's What You Can Do With That Can Of Cream Of Mushroom

It's not just for making soups!
Condensed cream of mushroom soup can be the most flavorful and creamy ingredient you have in your kitchen. It's an easy-to-prepare soup but while it's fabulous as a creamy soup, it can be so much more than an appetizer. Here are recipes to show ...

Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

Here's a classic cream of mushroom soup recipe to use for your home-cooked meals.
Start your meal with a warm, tasty bowl of mushroom soup. Adding miso paste to classic cream of mushroom soup gives it depth of flavor.  ...

Chicken, Corn, and Broccoli Casserole

Prep this in the morning then simply pop in the oven in time for a worry-free lunch or dinner.
This make-ahead casserole is straightforward and sumptuous. Prep in the morning then simply pop in the oven in time for a worry-free lunch or dinner. ...

How to Make a Simple Tiramisu

Here's how you can make this Italian classic at home.
.It's hard to resist any of our tiramisu recipes, but if you feel you need to practice your tiramisu-making skills first, try this. Here's how you can make it.                                                        Other tiramisu recipes:  Tiramisu, Tiramisu Parfait,                   Tiramisu ...

Is Your Chicken Cooked?

How to know if your chicken is done? Check out our tips!
.Photography by Patrick Martires ? Text and Demonstration by Cheers Vazquez ? Kitchen Assistants: Christian Josol and Ariel Obando ...
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