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WATCH: How To Use All-Purpose Cream

This creamy ingredient can be used in your favorite dishes!
All-purpose cream is the pantry staple of many kitchens. Learn to use this versatile ingredient when cooking or baking for your favorite creamy recipes. This may be the biggest mistake many people make when in the kitchen. Read the recipe. You may find ...

You Can Use All-Purpose Cream To Make These Dishes Extra Delicious

This cream isn't just for desserts.
All-purpose cream is one of those ingredients that many Pinoy kitchens have on hand all the time. This kitchen staple is usually an ingredient in many desserts! From the classic fruit salad that has to be on the table during every Christmas feast to ...

10 Saucy Chicken Recipes To Cook Over and Over Again

We just can't get enough.
Chicken recipes, in general, are well-loved but when you add sauce, you might get obsessed. You won’t be able to stop yourself from making these recipes again and again and we can't blame you. These saucy chicken recipes are just too good!This recipe ...

Make These Creamy, Cheesy Dishes That Both Kids and Adults Will Love

Make your weekly meal plan work for both you and your kids!
When it comes to cooking for (or with) kids, balance is key. Throw in the leafy greens, but add a touch of indulgence that kids will always clamor for: cheese or cream. In any case, you know that the adults in the ...
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