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Chicken Stroganoff Recipe

We just made a chicken version of that creamy beefy recipe, and it's a faster, easier recipe.
The traditional stroganoff recipe is made of quickly cooked strips of beef, sour cream, and savory mushrooms. It's an old Russian recipe named by the chef for the Stroganoffs, specifically Count Pavel Stroganoff. Basically a beef recipe, some careful cooking is needed to ensure that you're not eating ...

Braised Chicken in Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe

This incredibly creamy chicken and mushroom recipe will make you hungry for more.
If you want an easy recipe that combines the delicious flavors of chicken and mushrooms that didn't come from a can, you're going to want to learn this super flavorful recipe. This is a simple fried chicken cooked in a delicious and creamy ...

Sizzling Bulalo with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Classic bulalo with creamy mushroom sauce.
Put a twist on the classic bulalo by smothering the beef in creamy mushroom sauce. Prepare this easy recipe of Sizzling Bulalo with Creamy Mushroom Sauce. Yum! Like this? Try it!  ...
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