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Easy Pesto Pasta Recipe

This is the fast, easy, and creamy version.
Pesto is a sauce made of lots of basil and garlic, pine nuts, a Parmesan cheese, and enough olive oil to make it into a spread. You can make a basic pesto pasta recipe but not all the ingredients are easy to find.Did you know that you ...

My Favorite Family Recipe Is My Lola's Creamy Pasta Dish

This is comfort food at its finest!
When it comes to pasta, few pasta dishes are unique. There are many ways to make pasta dishes special but for my favorite family recipe is a creamy pasta dish that my siblings and I love to eat, especially during special occasions.  My lola, ...

WATCH: This Chicken Parmesan Pasta Recipe is Creamy, Garlicky, And Delicious

Garlicky chicken tossed in a creamy spaghetti sauce has a secret ingredient.
The carbonara recipe may be the original creamy pasta recipe! It's got a silky, creamy pasta sauce courtesy of the eggs and cheese but without the use of any cream. This is why it's such a unique pasta sauce! Not all pasta sauces are as ...
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