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Easy Pesto Pasta Recipe

This is the fast, easy, and creamy version.
Pesto is a sauce made of lots of basil and garlic, pine nuts, a Parmesan cheese, and enough olive oil to make it into a spread. You can make a basic pesto pasta recipe but not all the ingredients are easy to find.Did you know that you ...

My Favorite Family Recipe Is My Lola's Creamy Pasta Dish

This is comfort food at its finest!
When it comes to pasta, few pasta dishes are unique. There are many ways to make pasta dishes special but for my favorite family recipe is a creamy pasta dish that my siblings and I love to eat, especially during special occasions.  My lola, ...

WATCH: This Chicken Parmesan Pasta Recipe is Creamy, Garlicky, And Delicious

Garlicky chicken tossed in a creamy spaghetti sauce has a secret ingredient.
The carbonara recipe may be the original creamy pasta recipe! It's got a silky, creamy pasta sauce courtesy of the eggs and cheese but without the use of any cream. This is why it's such a unique pasta sauce! Not all pasta sauces are as ...

Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta Recipe

You only need 5 ingredients for delicious and creamy pasta.
What makes a recipe easy? We think it's not just the way it's cooked but also the number of ingredients that goes into the recipe, too. Both of these parts of the recipe need to be easy to do and that's exactly what this ...

My Lola Taught My Mom This Extra Creamy One-Pot Pasta Dish

It's a pasta dish that reminds me of my lola.
For me, pasta was always cooked in boiling water before being added to the pasta sauce or plated before being topped with the sauce.That isn’t the case for the timbal, a tomato cream pasta dish. It’s all cooked in one pot and ...

WATCH: How To Make Creamy Cheese Pasta

When you want a fast and easy yet creamy pasta, this is the recipe to make.
Weeknight dinners don't get faster than this! Cook the pasta and while it does, you can make this creamy sauce. Sprinkle with black pepper before serving for a savory and luscious pasta dish that's like the grown-up sophisticated version of the macaroni and cheese.   Takes 15 minutesMakes 4 ...

Carbonara Recipe

Would you believe that true carbonara is the original no-cook pasta sauce?
Would you believe that true carbonara is the original no-cook pasta sauce? All you need are hot pasta and a few other ingredients to make this Italian favorite. ...

Creamy Clam Linguine Recipe

Add lots of vegetables to this creamy pasta dish!
Asparagus and peas add a boost of folic acid, fiber, and vitamins B and K to this seafood dish. Make it even more wholesome by opting for whole-wheat noodles. ...
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