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These Creamy Baked Salmon Ala Conti's Recipes Won't Break Your Budget

You can make it at home using these recipes.
Almost a decade ago, a baked salmon dish from Conti's made its way onto buffet tables. It's creamy cheesy topping hid succulent and perfectly cooked salmon. It was an instant hit and became a party must-have. Conti's Baked Salmon is now a favorite dish ...

Creamy Embutido Recipe

What makes this embutido different is a creamy ingredient.
This Filipino meatloaf or embutido may look like your normal steamed rolled meat mixture but you'll have to taste it to discover it's got a special ingredient added in. It's got many of the usual ingredients you find but for one ingredient that may ...

WATCH: This Chicken Parmesan Pasta Recipe is Creamy, Garlicky, And Delicious

Garlicky chicken tossed in a creamy spaghetti sauce has a secret ingredient.
The carbonara recipe may be the original creamy pasta recipe! It's got a silky, creamy pasta sauce courtesy of the eggs and cheese but without the use of any cream. This is why it's such a unique pasta sauce! Not all pasta sauces are as ...

Creamy Tuna And Cucumber Sandwich Spread Recipe

This easy tuna palaman is a fast and easy sandwich filling.
This no-cook creamy palaman recipe is made with canned tuna and mayonnaise stuffed into bread slices with cucumbers. It's perfect for days you just need something light and tasty and definitely easy to put together to satisfy those hunger pangs quickly.   ...

Chicken Stroganoff Recipe

We just made a chicken version of that creamy beefy recipe, and it's a faster, easier recipe.
The traditional stroganoff recipe is made of quickly cooked strips of beef, sour cream, and savory mushrooms. It's an old Russian recipe named by the chef for the Stroganoffs, specifically Count Pavel Stroganoff. Basically a beef recipe, some careful cooking is needed to ensure that you're not eating ...

All The Gata + Kalabasa Recipes You Need

Ginataang kalabasa isn't the only dish you can make.
Coconut milk, or gata, is widely used in Asian cuisine, and it makes kalabasa and other ingredients sweet, creamy, savory, and definitely delicious. You can do so much with even just a quarter of a whole kalabasa, or squash, yet this hearty vegetable seems to ...

You Can Replace Cream With Gata + Recipes To Try

All-purpose cream makes dishes creamy, but only gata can make it creamier AND tastier.
All-purpose cream is a special ingredient that can make many dishes supremely delicious with its silky creaminess. Sometimes, however, too much creaminess can be heavy, cloying, and even downright unappealing when you have too much of it. We can solve that problem with a simple swap! Swap ...

This Week's Delicious Must-Try: A Crunchy Chicken With An Easy, Savory Sauce

It's said that you can change a recipe with just a sauce.
Fried chicken fillet meals are one of the best meals you can have. In fact, anyone will swear it's their favorite meal since it's essentially boneless fried chicken. All that means is that it was just made easier, better to eat than your usual ...

All The Creamy Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love

Are you craving for a chicken dish that's coated with creamy, flavorful sauce?
Chicken on its own is already everybody’s favorite. Add in some creamy sauce or soup and you’ve got a hit. Whether it’s for cold rainy nights, baon, or just whenever someone’s craving for creamy chicken, these recipes will deliver.Mindanao’s coconut curry chicken ...

Creamy Pork ala King Recipe

Who said it has to made with chicken?
If you love creamy, flavorful dishes that have a coating of a milky sauce on each piece, then this is one pork recipe you will fall in love with! The original version of this, the chicken ala king recipe, is usually made with chicken but it's ...

These Recipes Will Satisfy Your Cheesy Dreams

These are all the cheesy recipes you need.
There are many people who love cheese. Recipes that have cheese are known to be gooey, milky, creamy, and downright delicious. The many types of cheese don't make it any easier to love it less. From the funky blue cheese to the stretchy ...
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