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Woah, This Crema De Fruta Looks Too Pretty To Eat!

The classic cake gets an even more vibrant spin.
If you grew up here in the Philippines, chances are high that you celebrated special occasions every now and then with good ol' crema de fruta. The classic cake has layers of sponge cake, custard, fruits (usually canned fruit cocktail), and gelatin ...

You Can Score This Entire Crema De Fruta Cake In The Supermarket For Only P399

Add this to your grocery cart ASAP!
Since Christmas is just around the corner, it's no surprise that we'll be seeing more holiday items displayed in the supermarket like Christmas gift baskets, different kinds of ham, cans of fruit cocktails, and mountains of quezo de bola. But S&R Membership Shopping has ...

There's Something Extra Special About This Crema De Fruta Cake

Hint: it's in the cake.
You know it’s officially Christmas when a ton of canned fruit cocktail hit the grocery shelves. These canned fruits are commonly used for a sweet and easy fruit salad and of course, there’s the crema de fruta cake. A common crema de fruta cake is ...

Crema de Fruta Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Ang crema de fruta ay isang sikat na Filipino dessert.
Ang crema de fruta ay isang sikat na Filipino dessert na may tatlong layer: malambot na sponge cake, pinong custard, at matamis na gelatin. Madalas itong ihinahain bilang panghimagas sa noche buena, pero pwedeng-pwede mo itong gawin kahit kailan sa isang taon. ...

Here's The Easy, No-Bake Way to Make Crema De Fruta

You can make this Filipino dessert in a matter of minutes.
Crema de fruta is a classic Filipino dessert with three layers: a soft sponge cake, creamy vanilla custard, and fruit cocktail that is set in gelatin. Because each layer requires the use of completely different recipes, this dessert can turn out to ...

Crema de Fruta Recipe

Crema de fruta is a Filipino dessert made up of 3 layers.
Crema de fruta is a Filipino dessert made up of 3 layers: soft sponge cake, smooth custard, and fruity gelatin. It's often served as part of a noche buena dessert spread, but feel free to whip it up at any time of ...

WATCH: How to Make Crema de Fruta

This layered dessert is a classic Filipino favorite!
Crema de Fruta is a layered cake made with a homemade soft sponge cake, topped with a silky vanilla custard, and decorated with fruits set in gelatin. It’s a classic Filipino favorite you can make using ingredients in your pantry that's guaranteed ...
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