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This Baking Ingredient Is What You Need To Make Crispy Fried Chicken

Sprinkle a little bit on the chicken for ultra crisp skin!
The biggest challenge for many people who love fried chicken is how to prepare fried chicken so that it results in the crispiest, crunchiest skin and the tender, juicy, and flavorful meat on the inside. The solution to the tender meat on the inside is ...

WATCH: These Are Our Frying Tips For The Crispiest Fried Chicken

You'll have delicious and crispy fried chicken meals every time.
Make the best tasting and the crunchiest fried chicken you'll ever bite into using these tips that won't guide you wrong. You'll have delicious and crispy fried chicken meals every time!Moisture is what causes the “talsik” or oil splatter that many people ...

This Simple Ingredient Makes Your Fried Chicken Extra Crispy

It makes it even better.
Making fried chicken will always be a delicious way to make anyone hungry. The chicken skin is made even tastier and more appetizing with its crispy breading and the chicken meat hiding behind it is succulent and perfectly juicy, especially when it comes ...

Crispy Fried Chicken Adobo Recipe

This mashup of chicken adobo and fried chicken will be your new favorite chicken dinner.
There are many ways to make chicken adobo but we bet you never thought to make your adobo extra crispy. By using the breading method used in fried chicken and swapping out the buttermilk mixture and using the flavorful adobo marinade instead, you get a delicious ...

Make Your Fried Chicken Extra Crispy + Crunchy With These Breading Ideas

Your fried chicken can be even more delicious.
Fried chicken recipes are a delicious meal all on its own. Admit it. You don't always need anything else! The crunchy skin hides the tender, succulent meat, and it's this combination of crispy and juicy that will always make it a winner dinner. There may be hundreds ...

How to Keep Glazed Fried Chicken Super Crispy

Yes, you can have crispy fried chicken skin under that glaze.
It's a sad fact that anything soggy–especially fried chicken–is filed under bad meals. Nobody likes anything that's limp, wet, and basically, inedible. It's not only unappetizing, but it's also bad cooking. But there is a way to help avoid it with a simple addition to ...

This Is How You Make The Juiciest Chinese Fried Chicken

Because juicy + crispy fried chicken is the best fried chicken meal.
There’s a difference between your typical fried chicken and a Chinese-style fried chicken. A typical fried chicken is coated in a breading, usually a combo of egg and flour and commonly marinated in milk or acidic buttermilk to tenderize the chicken.Chinese fried ...

These Are All The Chicken Drumstick Recipes You Will Ever Need

These won't cost you more than P23 per drumstick!
There’s nothing quite like biting into a juicy chicken drumstick. Maybe it’s all the conditioning from our childhood cartoons that make it so appealing! Or, maybe it’s our own memories, knowing that chicken, rarely, lets you down. So hold onto your chicken bones ...

The Best Ways to Reheat Chicken and Still Get Crunchy, Crispy Skin

Say no to soggy fried chicken! This is how you turn leftover fried chicken crispy again.
It’s a #chickensad story when your leftover fried chicken becomes soggy. What formerly had a crispy, crunchy skin on your fried chicken won’t stay that way, so the best time to eat fried chicken is soon after cooking.No need to fret though. If ...

WATCH: How To Cook Max's-Style Fried Chicken

Your favorite fried chicken is easy to recreate at home.
 Fried chicken, without the coating, is a classic Pinoy-style fried chicken. It's an easy process that will ensure you have the crispiest skin on your chicken. We found out how to make it and here's how you can do it at home: Max's Style Fried ChickenTakes 55 minutes ...

Golden Fried Chicken Recipe

This fried chicken recipe has a secret: butter!
Secret’s out! The trick to making your golden fried chicken extra indulgent is dipping it in hot melted butter. Remember to marinate your chicken in buttermilk overnight so it turns out to be soft and juicy once your fry it. Either way, ...
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