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You Can Now Buy Crispy Pata For Noche Buena At This Convenience Store

Small budget? No problem!
When it comes to ordering crispy pata in Metro Manila, one does not usually think that a convenience store will have it, not until today. Ministop is here to change that now that they’re offering new Christmas handaan favorites, like the crispy pata.Ministop’s ...

Crispy Pata Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Ang pagpapatuyo ng mabuti sa baboy pagkatapos nito pakuluan ang sikreto ng malutong na balat!
Ang Crispy Pata ay isa sa mga paboritong pagkain ng Pilipino na pinagagamitan ng hita ng baboy. Medyo mahabang proseso ang pagluto nito pero sulit naman ang oras at pagod. Mula sa lambot ng karne hanggang sa lutong ng balat, siguradong ito'y ...

Lechon and Crispy Pata Among the World's Top 100 Dishes in 2019!

What else do you think should be included in the list?
There’s no question that Filipinos love their meat. In fact, a lot of the Philippines’ most popular dishes are purely protein, like crispy pata and lechon. They’re so loved here that a party isn’t complete without either of them. Recently, online food ...

Boneless Crispy Pata Recipe

You can make this crispy pata version at home!
Crispy pata is one of the most popular dishes that Pinoys order when they eat out, but it’s actually quite easy to prepare at home. ...

These Sauces Are What You Need to Make Your Crispy Pata Better

These dipping sauces make you want to dip that piece of crispy pata right in.
Crispy pata is essentially deep-fried pork knuckles and is a favorite for many Pinoys. It’s crispy on the outside with little chewy bits, too. When done well, crispy pata will have flavor all the way to its tender meat.But while it’s already an ...

Have Crispy Pata Cravings After Watching the Max's Restaurant Ad? Try This Recipe!

Make it at home!
Last night, Max’s Restaurant released a new digital ad to promote their new dishes: a Crispy Pata Rice Bowl and a Kare-Kare Rice Bowl. If you haven’t seen the bizarre but strangely entertaining video yet, here it is:Craving for hefty rice bowls, too? ...

Crispy Pata with Sauce Recipe

Make your crispy pata even better.
Crispy pata is even better with sawsawan, or dipping sauces! When using this recipe, save time by cooking two pork legs at the same time. This way, one is always ready in the freezer for deep frying. ...

WATCH: Tips on How to Make Great Crispy Pata

Because crispy pata is an all-time favorite!
Who doesn't love this Pinoy dish? Your crispy pata will be fork-tender and have golden, crunchy skin by following these easy tips.Click here for the full CRISPY PATA recipe.   ...

Krispy Pata Sisig

Crispy pork knuckles can be used in your favorite bar chow.
Crispy pork knuckles can be used in your favorite bar chow. ...

Crispy Pata

Make sure to dry the pork thoroughly after boiling—this is the secret to achieving that crisp skin!
Crispy pata is a well-loved Filipino dish that makes use of the pork's leg. The cooking process of this dish may take some time but, it is well worth it! From the tenderness of the meat to the crispiness of the skin, ...

3 Tips to Cooking Crispy Pata

Who doesn't love this Filipino dish?
Served with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce, crispy pata is an all-time favorite. Make sure the meat is braised till it is fork-tender and the skin has a golden, crunchy quality by following these tips:1. Make sure to dry the pork thoroughly after ...

Spicy Crispy Pata Recipe

Here’s a recipe for everyone’s favorite pulutan! We gave it a spicy twist to make it even more heavenly.
Here’s a recipe for everyone’s favorite pulutan! We gave it a spicy twist to make it even more heavenly. Serve this spicy crispy pata recipe on your dinner table in 5 easy steps. Celebrate the good times with this delicious dish. ...
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