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How To Cook Lechon Belly In The Oven

The belly is the ultimate pork cut to roast.
Crispy pork heaven can be achieved at home! If you are wondering how you can do this in the oven instead of the stove, you might be wary of the dreaded talsik or oil splatter. That's fine and the good news is that ...

All The Ways You Can Make Lechon Baboy This Christmas

Cooking pork, lechon-style, is the way to cook and serve it for the holiday table.
Birthdays and celebrations are commonly graced with the lechon baboy, an impressive presentation of whole pork roasted on a spit over red hot charcoal. The famous versions always have thin, crispy skin and succulent meat underneath. That's why when Christmas comes around, lechon baboy is just as ...

Crispy Fried Pork (Tulapho) Recipe

These are a different kind of pork crackling!
If you love crispy pork in any and all its forms, you'll love that there's another recipe to try! Crispy fried pork, or tulapho in Ilonggo, is to the Illonggos what bagnet is to the Ilocanos. Considered to be "chicharon" in Iloilo, these are basically just small ...

Crispy Pork Sinigang Recipe

Crispy pork chunks make this sinigang a crispy and soupy meal.
This mashup recipe has to be one of those recipes that makes you say, "Now, why didn't I think of that?" When you put crisp pork chunks of the lechon kawali together with something as powerfully fruity and flavorful as a sinigang sa sampaloc soup, the resulting ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make Lechon Macau

We love lechon kawali. Now learn how to level up your game to make the roasted version called the Lechon Macau.
We all know that the lechon kawali may be the most popular dish either at home or at any restaurant. It's crispy, it's made from the pork belly so it's always the juiciest part, and it's got lechon sauce on the side to make ...

Lechon Macau Recipe

Crispy pork belly is made tastier, juicier in this Chinese-style version of our lechon kawali.
The biggest difference between the lechon kawali we Pinoys love and the Chinese-inpsired version of the lechon Macau is the way it's cooked. Lechon Macau is roasted in the oven, not deep fried in a kawali or wok. Then, there are the different types of seasonings used in ...

3 Ways To Cook Crispy + Delicious Lechon Kawali

You can satisfy your craving for crispy lechon kawali no matter what appliance you have in the kitchen.
No craving for liempo and lechon kawali will go unsatisfied if you know how to use your kitchen appliances to their maximum potential. Whether your stove suddenly runs out of gas or the electricity goes down, you have a way to cook ...
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