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These Are Our Best Tips For Cooking Lechon Kawali

That crispy, crackling pork is guaranteed with these tips!
The crunch you hear when you bite into a super crispy piece of pork is really a satisfying sound. The crunchy lechon kawali is one of the easier crispy pork recipes you can make at home that doesn't require you to do an excessive amount ...

Crispy Fried Pork (Tulapho) Recipe

These are a different kind of pork crackling!
If you love crispy pork in any and all its forms, you'll love that there's another recipe to try! Crispy fried pork, or tulapho in Ilonggo, is to the Illonggos what bagnet is to the Ilocanos. Considered to be "chicharon" in Iloilo, these are basically just small ...

Pork Belly with Crackling Skin Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Eto ang pinaka malutong na liempong baboy na maluluto mo.
Panalong-panalo ang pork belly recipe na ito dahil sa malutong na balat ala chicharon! Subukan nyo ang putaheng Filipino na ito at isawsaw sa tinimplahang suka, sarsa ng lechon o gravy para sa dagdag na sarap. ...

A Simple Trick To Make Meatballs Better: Add Chicharon To It!

Plus, other recipes with chicharon!
Chicharon is irresistible! Whether you love the pork rind chicharon or the crunchy chicken skin, chicharon will always be the crispy, crunchy, and savory bite snack that a lot of people love.  It's just not chicharon if it doesn't have that crunch!We do know that there are only so many ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make Lechon Macau

We love lechon kawali. Now learn how to level up your game to make the roasted version called the Lechon Macau.
We all know that the lechon kawali may be the most popular dish either at home or at any restaurant. It's crispy, it's made from the pork belly so it's always the juiciest part, and it's got lechon sauce on the side to make ...

WATCH: Wow Friends And Family With A Homemade Boneless Lechon This Christmas

This homemade pork belly recipe might be even better than any lechon you can buy.
There's no need to buy an entire lechon for a small party. Make this super easy recipe for pork belly boneless lechon, and enjoy the crispy skin, the succulent meat, and the savings! This easy lechon recipe may look like it took a lot ...
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