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Say Hello To 'Croiffle:" A Croissant + Waffle Food Trend From South Korea

Here's how you can make the croiffle at home!
South Korea is home to many food trends—there’s the 2020 essential aka Dalgona Coffee, the flavorful Korean fried chicken, and the goguma bbang (a bread shaped like a real purple sweet potato). Lately, a new favorite among the South Korean lifestyle vloggers is ...

Kouign-Amann Recipe

You'll want to make this for your next breakfast!
The Kouign-Amann is definitely not your ordinary pastry. It’s made with dough laminated with butter and sugar, capped of with a caramelized crust for that extra treat. No wonder it’s French pastry chef Dominique Ansel’s favorite pastry. He says he eats one ...

Croissant Muffin (Cruffin) Recipe

Croissant and muffin in one!
Here's a light snack that everyone will enjoy! ...

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's Milk Pie Is Finally Here!

It's like a croissant with ice cream, but better!
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has a number of stalls in Japan that offer more than their cheese cookies and dense cheesecakes. They also have stalls called Cow Cow Kitchen. Although there are a number of the Cow Cow Kitchen stalls already here ...

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Try this for your next morning meal!
Croissants, ham, and cheese make for a filling morning meal. Try this hefty breakfast dish this weekend. ...
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