Yogurt And Spice Marinated Grilled Chicken Recipe

Yogurt, cumin, and turmeric give chicken breast fillets a Middle Eastern flair.
Yogurt, cumin, and turmeric give chicken breast fillets a Middle Eastern flair. Pair this with grilled tomatoes and a cucumber salad for a refreshing counterpoint to the smoky grilled meat. ...

Spiced Grilled Beef (Beef Mechoui)

A traditional Moroccan dish that uses cumin,paprika, and coriander adds a mild spice to the meat.
In this traditional Moroccan dish, the use of cumin, paprika, and coriander come into play to bring a mild spice to the beef meat. The heat is toned down with a serving of couscous. Serve this Spiced Grilled Beef (Beef Mechoui) recipe ...

Garbanzo Salad

Not your usual salad: garbanzo salad tossed with herbs.
Ideally, make this salad in the morning if you want to serve it for dinner. The sitting time allows the lemon, oil, herbs and spices to blend into the chickpeas. ...
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